5 tips for optimal fleet monitoring

Fleet management isn’t easy. A fleet manager’s job is to oversee all the drivers and how the vehicles in a fleet are being utilized. They’re responsible for everything from driver safety and retention to fleet tracking and ELD compliance. 

Which is why maintaining a close eye on your fleet is so difficult. It requires managing numerous tasks that incorporate various aspects of the business. Thankfully, there are ways to make fleet management less cumbersome. 

5 Tips to Optimize Fleet Monitoring and Simplify Fleet Management 

Here are our top five tips for making fleet management a little less overwhelming: 

1. Tracking Your Assets 

One of the easiest ways to dramatically improve your operations is by incorporating GPS asset tracking. Using asset tracking software gives you real-time updates on where your vehicles are at all times. Rather than having to call or radio your drivers, asset tracking devices give you a birds-eye-view and detailed GPS information on every vehicle in your fleet. 

2. Make Driver Coaching a Part of the Plan 

Driver safety is essential because it ensures your people and assets arrive at their desired destinations unscathed. Driver safety and behavior have a direct impact on operational costs, fuel efficiency, and even your company’s brand image. That’s why it’s critical to make driver coaching a part of your fleet management plan. This includes ongoing driver training and one-on-one coaching sessions with new drivers or drivers that have had challenges with speeding or similar incidents.

3. Prioritize Preventive Maintenance 

Preventive maintenance costs a lot less than actual repairs. Make sure each vehicle is serviced on a regular schedule and that you never miss an oil change, tire rotation, or other standard maintenance.

Scheduling preventive maintenance as part of your fleet management strategy will help your company avoid costly repairs, unexpected delays, and potential safety concerns. 

4. Quickly Improve Driver Safety With AI Dashcams 

One way to drastically improve driver safety is using AI dashcams. Studies have shown that the presence of dashcams can dramatically improve overall driver safety, reduce accidents, and more. Plus, AI dashcams make it much easier to coach drivers effectively, giving you full visibility into real-time driver behavior so you can identify and address any areas of concern. Not to mention, installing dashcams can also reduce insurance costs. 

5. Use Advanced Fleet Management Software to Automate and Manage Everything  

To truly optimize fleet monitoring and simplify your operations, opt for next-generation fleet management software. Older fleet management technology may have provided some insight and oversight, but today’s technology allows you to do much more, more effectively, with less time and manual labor. 

Today’s fleet management software provides the information and the tools to respond faster and make better-informed decisions by quickly and constantly gathering data from each vehicle. It allows you to monitor your drivers and vehicles in real time and access actionable analytics that help fleet managers stay on top of your many responsibilities. 

Get Started With Next-Generation Fleet Management Software 

Here is a list of what automated fleet management solutions like FleetUp can do for your fleet:

  • Track and monitor the location and health of your fleet
  • Access real-time data and insight into your vehicles and drivers
  • Stay compliant, minimize violations, and optimize drive time
  • Prevent costly breakdowns through preventive maintenance
  • Save on fuel and reduce your environmental impact
  • Track and coach driving behavior for a safer, more efficient fleet
  • Prevent theft and stop misuse of your most valuable assets

If you’re ready to make your life as a fleet manager a little simpler, consider incorporating next-generation fleet management software like FleetUp. Our all-in-one platform enables you to do more with less and easily track your whole operation.

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