Take a multifaceted approach to stop cargo theft

Cargo theft continues to plague the transportation industry. Cargo theft is on the rise yet again this year with criminals employing increasingly sophisticated and strategic tactics. According to CargoNet, in 2023 there was a 57% increase when compared to the second quarter of 2022. Sometimes it seems as if the thieves are winning. While it may be impossible to completely eliminate cargo theft, taking a multifaceted approach can dramatically reduce your risk. Improvements in cargo security software and smart lock technology can help you protect your valuable shipments from theft, damage, and loss. 

Container or cargo seals have been the preferred solution for shipping security for many years. Container seal locks are used to secure goods containers during transport. They are designed to be tamper-proof and can only be used once. The seals come in different types, including bolt seals, cable seals, and plastic seals, and are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, these traditional methods can no longer be relied upon to provide adequate security.

FleetUp has developed a smart lock that combines an electronic asset tracker and a removable lock. This smart lock uses active RFID, GPS, and cellular technology to track intermodal containers’ conveyances. It is designed to provide high-security and enable shippers, manufacturers, logistics service providers, and asset owners to actively monitor the security and integrity of cargo assets as their goods move through the supply chain.

FleetUp’s keyless GPS smart lock is a tamper-proof container seal and asset tracker that can be remotely locked and unlocked via the Internet or pre-approved RFID cards. It automatically notifies staff via text or email the moment a break-in occurs and provides real-time location data for your cargo so you can respond immediately.

While having the right hardware in place is essential, it has to be paired with the right software – one that is designed specifically to prevent cargo theft. Cargo security software can save you thousands if not millions of dollars by:

  • Enhancing visibility and control over your cargo movements
  • Reducing operational costs and risks
  • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

FleetUp’s cargo security software provides comprehensive cargo and freight security with shipment monitoring. It helps prevent theft and ensure high-value assets reach their destination.

FleetUp’s cargo security software works with the Fleetup smart lock to provide real-time break-in alerts. The moment thieves tamper with the lock, SMS and email notifications are sent to users.

Cargo security software enables you to track and monitor your cargo in real-time, from the point of origin to the point of destination. You can access detailed information about your cargo’s location, status, condition, and security at any time. You can also set up alerts and notifications to inform you of any changes or issues that may affect your cargo’s safety and delivery. By having full visibility and control over your cargo movements, you can:

  • Prevent theft and pilferage by detecting unauthorized access or tampering with your cargo
  • Prevent damage and loss by ensuring your cargo is handled properly and stored in optimal conditions
  • Prevent delays and penalties by avoiding routing errors, customs issues, or regulatory compliance violations
  • Optimize routes and schedules by choosing the best carriers, modes, and routes for your cargo
  • Respond quickly and effectively to any emergencies or disruptions that may occur during transit

Cargo security software is a powerful tool that can help you protect your valuable shipments from theft, damage, and loss. It can also save you millions of dollars by providing real-time visibility and tracking of your cargo, alerting you to any deviations or anomalies in your cargo’s route, location, or condition, enabling you to take proactive measures to prevent or mitigate risks, reducing your insurance costs and claims, and improving your customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you want to learn more about how FleetUp’s cargo security software and asset trackers can benefit your business, contact us today for a free consultation and demo.

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