FMCSA logs: Download paper logbooks and more

FMCSA logs, HOS regulations, and driver management are all complicated issues. This blog will help transportation professionals understand it all. Whether you want to learn about ELD basics, identify the cost of FMCSA fines, or find the HOS app that’s best for drivers, the answers are here. Read on to learn more.

Download your daily trucking logbook for HOS

In case their ELDs fail, drivers always need to keep paper logbooks in their truck. It can mean the difference between delivering shipments on time and being pulled out-of-service.

What is HOS? A guide to hours of service FMCSA regulations

While long-time trucking and transportation professionals are familiar with HOS rules, the regulations are confusing for those new to the industry.

This blog is a fast, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive overview of HOS. No matter what your question is, it’s answered here. Learn what an ELD is, who needs to track HOS with ELDs, the consequence of violating HOS regulations, and more.

HOS log violations: How FMCSA fines reduce fleet profits

When FMCSA logs aren’t filled out correctly, either due to actual HOS violations or simple data entry errors, the consequences aren’t simple. First, there’s the fine – but there are several different types of fines and multiple potential total costs. Then, there’s the cost of taking drivers off the road, responding to frustrated customers, and more.

If you need to know the potential cost of HOS violations, this quick guide will help you calculate what your fleet might pay.

Maintaining accurate FMCSA logs: How to keep drivers compliant and reduce HOS logging errors

At the end of the day, FMCSA logs are the responsibility of your drivers. Ultimately, no one else can prevent HOS fines. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that drivers understand both HOS regulations and their HOS logs.

Learn how to avoid fines and keep your drivers compliant. This blog reviews the technologies and strategies you need to stay on the right side of the FMCSA.

ELD logging mobile apps: The features your fleet needs

Every ELD app is different. Each is made to keep your drivers’ FMCSA logs compliant – but some have confusing interface, others have limited features, and a few have a surprising number of additional benefits.

Read this blog to learn about the ELD app features that will help you prevent fines and make your fleet more efficient and productive.

FleetUp: The comprehensive FMCSA logs solution

FMCSA fines are a fast way to lose profits. Fleets that use overly complicated, difficult-to-navigate HOS apps will find that these fines quickly add up.

That’s why it’s important to use platforms that help fleet operators manage drivers. And why it’s crucial to give drivers tools that help them stay compliant with all FMCSA regulations.

FleetUp’s comprehensive solution is the best way to keep everyone, from executives to dispatchers to drivers, on the exact same page. It gives big-picture people the sophisticated data analytics they need and helps employees do their jobs without missing a beat.

Make fleet management and compliance easy. Get FleetUp.

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