ELD Mandate: Update on Rental Vehicles – Exemption

On October 10th, 2017, the FMCSA announced that rental trucks operating eight or fewer days would be exempt from the ELD mandate — however, operators must still use paper logs and comply with HOS rules.

FMCSA is providing a partial waiver from the ELD mandate for short-term truck rentals.

Drivers must maintain a copy of the rental agreement in the vehicle, and are subject to the standard hours-of-service limits. If required, they must maintain a paper record of duty status (RODS); this waiver only releases them from having to use an electronic logging device to capture their RODS.

However, the agency stressed that drivers of rental vehicles operating longer than eight days will be required to comply with the ELD mandate.

The Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA) filed a petition back on November 1st, 2016, requesting exemption for trucks rented for 30 days or less — although the petition was not accepted fully and modified for 8 days, it should help alleviate some problems for short-term rentals.

Should leasing/rental companies provide ELDs? Or are the companies who rent these trucks be responsible?
The mandate puts the carrier who rents out the trucks responsible for procurement of ELDs, even when used in rental vehicles. The carrier operates using their own DOT # and so, will bear the violations if found in non-compliance.

For those who rent or lease trucks, it may be beneficial to find a dealership who provides ELDs as an option in the rental agreement. Norcal Kenworth Paclease locations throughout Northern California, offer ELD options when renting or leasing their trucks.

If your dealership does not offer ELDs, request a personalized demo of FleetUp’s Hours of Service and ELD solution.

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