ELD Mandate Myths pt. 3

Join our webinar series as FMCSA-certified instructor Samuel Mayfield answers YOUR questions regarding the ELD mandate and regulations. Everyone wants to know, “Am I exempt from the ELD Mandate?”.

Here is a set of commonly asked questions:

“If the body of the truck is 2000 or newer, and the engine 1999, will it still be exempt?”
“Does a 2012 Glider truck with a 1999 model year engine have exemption from the ELOG?”
“Do older trucks need an ELD?”

“I have a Freightliner Coronado 2016 with Detoit D60 1997, do I need an ELD?”
“Does having a 2000 model truck with a 1999 engine make any difference pertaining to the ELD mandate?”
“Would a 2015 truck with a 1999 engine be exempt from ELD rule?”
“Our trucks are 1998 Freightliners. We are not For Hire. Are we required to have ELDs?”
“I have a 2000 Peterbilt, but the engine was manufactured in 1999. Will I need to go e-log for this truck?”
“If the tractor is a 2003 but the engine is 1996, how does the eld mandate affect this type of setup?”
“My vehicles are 2006 and older, I heard they are exempt because of age?”
“We have no semi newer than a 2000 model, are we mandated to have ELD’S installed?”
“If we are running 2016 Freightliner glider kit trucks with 1998 engines, are we under the ELD mandate?”

These question allow us to put together myth #4.

#4. Vehicles older than 2000 are exempt.

True and False. The FMCSA has clarified, truck ENGINES must be older than 2000 to be exempt.
If your truck is newer but the engine is 1999 or older, you are exempt.
This includes glider kits with engines that are older than 1999.

Many attendees were wondering why trucks with engines older than 2000 were exempt. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for some) engines manufactured prior to 2000 do not have the capability to communicate with your ELDs. The ELD would not be able to pull the data from your ECM that is needed to be compliant with the mandate. Therefore, trucks with engines older than 2000 are not required to comply with the Electronic Logging Device Mandate. This does NOT exempt the same vehicles from having to keep paper logs.

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