Myths of the ELD Mandate pt. 2

In the past four months, we’ve launched a webinar series on the ELD Mandate, and brought on FMCSA-certified instructor Samuel Mayfield to answer YOUR questions regarding the regulations. Everyone wants to know, “Am I exempt from the ELD Mandate?”.

Here is a set of commonly asked questions:

“Are intrastate carriers going to need ELDs running under a 120-mile radius?”
“How does the ELD mandate affect a carrier with 2 drivers driving 100 miles a day?”
“How does the ELD mandate affect drivers who don’t currently log more than 20 miles a day?”

“I stay within 100 air miles 99% of the time. Do I need an ELD, since I go a few miles outside 100 air miles only occasionally?”
“If we operate under the 150 radius miles are we required to get the logs?”
“If we go less than a hundred mile radius, but still go out of state, are we still required to do ELD’s?”
“Is a small fleet of 3 trucks who never go farther than 100 miles from the shop required to participate?”
“Our business provides only local (within 150 miles) delivery services and drivers work within normal business hours (8-5). Do we need an ELD?”
“Our delivery area is within 100 air miles and all intrastate, are we subject in any way to the ELD mandate?”
“Will drivers who run within a 100-150 mile radius and punch a time clock be exempt from ELDs?”
“Does ELD affect not for hire carriers who fall under the 100 air mile radius rule?”
“We have intrastate DOT. Travel only maximum of 100 mile radius. Do we need ELDS?”

These question allow us to put together myth #2 and myth #3.

#2. If you participate in interstate operations, you need an ELD.

False. Crossing state borders alone does not make you subject to the ELD mandate.

#3. If you participate in only intrastate operations, you are exempt.

False. Just because you do not leave state borders, does NOT make you exempt from the ELD mandate.

Regardless of crossing state borders or staying within one state, you must take into consideration the following:
1. Where are your drivers’ normal work reporting location — meaning, where do they start their work day?
2. Do your drivers stay within a 100 air-mile or 150 air-mile radius of their normal work reporting location? (depending on if they are CDL or non-CDL drivers, respectively)

If your drivers operate within a 100/150-air mile radius of their normal work reporting location, make sure you meet the requirements of the Short-Haul Exemption. If they meet all of the qualifications, they are exempt from the ELD mandate.

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