Expert tips to keep your drivers safe, compliant, and productive with fleet driver management

Every fleet manager wants to know how to improve safety, compliance, and productivity. The answer is simple: when you improve fleet driver management, everything improves.

In this article, we offer concrete tips to accomplish this. 

8 Tips to Improve Driver Safety, Productivity, and Compliance

Here are eight insider tips to help you improve your drivers’ performance:

1. Monitor Driver Activity – If you’re focusing on driver safety, compliance, and productivity, it’s absolutely crucial to track driver activity. Using fleet driver management software helps you collect and track concrete, real-time data like your driver’s location, idling time, fuel performance, driver behavior and more.

To keep everyone safe, compliant, and productive, you need to know what’s actually going on, and that starts by monitoring your drivers with fleet management software.  

2. Let Your Drivers Use a Mobile App – Simplify driver logging and communication by letting your drivers use a mobile app for their ELD logging. With features like route optimization, real-time alerts, two-way chat, and more, your drivers can increase productivity and stay compliant around the clock.

3. Use a Commercial Dashcam with Real-Time Alerts – It’s helpful to be able to review footage of what a driver did or how they reacted after the fact. It’s even more useful and efficient to receive real-time alerts related to driver activity. FleetUp’s AI fleet dashcam comes with a forward and backward-facing camera, video-recorded events that are stored local and in the cloud, plus live video monitoring.

In addition, FleetUp categorizes videos into risk levels so that you can focus on the most important footage without having to scroll through hours of footage. FleetUp will send an instant alert when a high-risk activity has occurred.

4. Make Driver Coaching a Priority – While you rely on your drivers to stay compliant, if you aren’t coaching them effectively, you may be missing an important opportunity to increase productivity and improve safety. Driver coaching can make a notable difference in fleet safety, compliance, and productivity over time.

From one-on-one coaching sessions and ongoing training to sending a quick message through your fleet management platform, making coaching a priority is one of the best things you can do for your organization.

5. Incorporate Coaching – FleetUp’s driver management software automatically collects and tracks an array of essential data points about your drivers and vehicles. However, we take data collection a step further by analyzing and displaying that data for you in an easy-to-digest format and automatically creating tasks related to those alerts.

FleetUp helps customers coach smarter by conveniently displaying the Top 5 factors to reduce fuel waste, increase driver and vehicle safety, and improve vehicle condition – and provides a Coach button to easily communicate with drivers.  

6. Automatically Track Your Assets – Knowing where your containers, trailers, and reefers are at all times is important to your business. Use fleet monitoring software to monitor all of your assets in real time. This helps you keep an eye on fleet routing and allocation as well as locate hang-ups and problem drivers.

In addition, with GPS tracking, you can optimize your routes and improve productivity dramatically. As soon as you begin tracking your assets, your insights (and the things you can do with those insights) help keep you, your drivers, and your assets more productive and secure.

7. Vehicle Performance Checks – To boost productivity and keep your drivers safe, it’s critical to ensure your vehicles are functioning at optimum levels. While routine maintenance helps, things often go amiss between check-ups, and fleet managers cannot solely rely on the drivers to report issues with their vehicles. But sometimes maintenance issues go ignored or unnoticed – so manual reporting isn’t the safest approach. 

Don’t wait for your drivers to tell you something is wrong. Instead, use your fleet management software to monitor your fleet’s health and receive real-time alerts about potential problems. As a result, you can prepare your maintenance technicians and move drivers to safety while protecting your assets.

8. Automate Paperwork – Compliance paperwork can be a nightmare. Eliminate the complexity by using fleet driver management to centralize record-keeping, automate HOS compliance, and prevent drivers from committing compliance violations.

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