SAP and FleetUp Announce Strategic Partnership for SAP Vehicles Network

Recently, SEAT, Samsung and SAP have announced their connected car project, enabling drivers to reserve car parking spaces and pay using Samsung Pay. SAP and FleetUp are further expanding this technological alliance, to allow long-haul truck drivers access to SAP Vehicles Network services.

FleetUp is a dynamic, fast-paced Silicon Valley startup, located in Milpitas.  Their target market is the regional and long-haul trucking market for electronic logging devices (ELDs).  In 2015, the US Government mandated that over three million regional and long-haul trucks have ELDs monitoring hours-of-service (HOS) compliance.  Just this mandate alone creates a $1B annual market, beginning in 2017.  With the addition of metro, governmental, and passenger fleets, the served market is $4B annually.

The FleetUp ELD/HOS solution is offered to market using a SaaS business model, with hardware, cellular, and infrastructure costs bundled into the SaaS offering.  FleetUp is publicly listed on the FMCSA website, and offers the most robust and easiest to use fleet management solution.  FleetUp’s service leverages the cellular network, direct to a cloud data store, and mobile-first, easy-to-use applications for both Android and iOS.

The USPTO has approved their patent application on their novel fuel waste analysis that allows customers to recover more in fuel savings than their monthly license fees. Simply put, FleetUp has applied modern Silicon Valley technology to replace the legacy systems deployed by competitors, all of which must be replaced to comply with the FMCSA ELD/HOS mandate.

With FleetUp’s partnership with SAP, drivers utilizing FleetUp’s HOS solution will be able to access SAP Vehicles Network directly from the HOS app. This will allow drivers to see gas stations, parking and quick service restaurants, making life on-the-road more convenient.

SAP Vehicles Network facilitates connections between sales channels to monetize connected services. Next steps include expanding the collaborative service to vehicle centric commerce including such services as fueling, lodging, tires and mechanic service.

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