ELDs and DOT Roadside Inspections

How DOT officers avoid roadside inspection violations

When roadside inspection takes place, fleets can gain more benefit just by following DOT regulations. This is one of the many advantages that come with the use of Electronic Logging Device. The ELD has influenced roadside inspections from several aspects like how drivers can use E-log or how officers go about DOT inspections etc. Here is what we learned from officers’ & drivers’ feedback.

Disappearance of form & manner violations

Form and manner violations that were very commonly found during roadside inspections are a thing of past now by virtue of ELD. Form and manner violations include missing of dates, locations, total miles and other from the log. As ELD has the ability to record these automatically and carry forward information from current day to the following day, roadside officers don’t find these types of violations anymore. In addition to that, ELD will automatically ask the driver if he/she is ‘on-duty’ or if he/she is in ‘sleeper berth’ for a break.

Get back on the road faster

ELD eliminates the form and manner violations which in turn expedites the inspection process itself. But for that, drivers should have proper training & resources so that they can help officers during inspections. Sergeant Joseph Farnsworth from Iowa Department of Transportation’s motor vehicle enforcement division suggested “Drivers are required to carry a card or some type of information packet to assist them in roadside inspections when officers ask to check their HOS.”

Don’t forget! ELDs affect the officer as well

E-logs also impact how roadside officers conduct an inspection—which has brought some real challenges. When a vehicle is stopped for inspection the only way to check HOS is to enter the truck or stand on the running board to take off the monitor. With traffic passing at a high speed in the highways this is a big challenge for officers.   

With all this happening, the best advice for truck drivers is to use ELDs in an organized way with proper training under their belt. When drivers are knowledgeable, it allows the inspection to go smoothly.

Once fully in effect in 2017, ELDs will work for the betterment of roadside officer & drivers. It will also make traffic stops & inspections more efficient, safer and faster.

If you’re looking for an ELD for Hours of Service, visit our website for more information or to request a personal demo.

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