Dot 16 Hour Rule & Short-Haul Exception Benefits

Benefits Come with the 16 Hour Rule & Short-Haul Exception
The Hours of Service (HOS) 16-hour short-haul exception actually brings some advantages to commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. Due to this rule, some CMV drivers can extend their 14-hour window by 2 hours every week. However, some conditions need to be met.

A brief recap of HOS rules
As per the DOT hours of service rules, CMV drivers who are carrying US property have 14-hour windows to complete all driving-related work. Drivers are allowed to drive a maximum of 11 hours in that 14-hour window while they must take a half an hour break after 8 hours of driving. The 16-hour short haul exception rule comes handy in a way that it extends the 14-hour window by 2 hours. So, drivers can have a 16-hour window instead of 14 hours.

If drivers want to enjoy a valid 16-hour short-haul exception, the following conditions are to be fulfilled:

  • The driver must be released from work after coming On Duty within 16 hours.
  • The driver returns to their work reporting location for that day as well as their last 5 workdays.
  • The driver has not used the 16-hour exception in the previous 6 consecutive days.
  • Drivers who already qualify for non-CDL short-haul exceptions may not use the 16-hour short-haul exception.

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