Why Bluetooth technology is a security disaster

According to the FMCSA, fleets are provided with a Bluetooth pairing code to enter into the ELD for the data file transfer. However, hackers actively develop tactics that target and exploit these pairing mechanisms. In fact, Intel-funded researchers Avishai Wool and Yaniv Shaked of Tel Aviv University found that a 4-digit PIN can be cracked in less than half a second using an old Pentium III 450MHz computer, and in less than a tenth of a second on a Pentium IV 3Ghz HT computer. Commonly known as the blue backdoor attack, this hack has the potential to not only grant attackers complete control over the device but also to create strategic backdoors as re-entry points for possible continued exploitation in the future. Since a Bluetooth ELD is always on and broadcasting for pairing, hackers and thieves can find a target and open a car door without the key.

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