Cargo theft is on the rise. Stop your fleet from becoming a victim

Freight at rest is freight at risk. The supply chain crisis has placed a whole lot of freight at risk of cargo theft.

“The more that the supply chain, in general, is backed up, the more cargo you’re going to have sitting. And that creates a bigger opportunity for thefts.”

 Scott Cornell, Travelers’ Crime & Theft Specialist

Cargo thieves are actively targeting states with the worst supply chain backlogs, including California, Texas, and Florida. Each of these major transportation hubs lose an estimation $1 million to cargo theft every day. In this environment, how can fleets stop from becoming a victim?


How to stop your fleet from becoming a victim of cargo theft: Assess your weak points

Q: When is your cargo at risk?

Cargo thieves take the path of least resistance. This is typically at truck stops and warehouses. During the supply chain crisis however, there are even incidents of cargo theft along railroad lines.

Q: What is your high-risk cargo?

Thieves will steal just about anything given the opportunity. Food, beverages, and consumer products are among the most commonly stolen items.  If you aren’t tracking these assets, how will you be able to notice the theft?

“So now the questions become, ‘who do we report this to?’ Well, if you can’t tell somebody where it happened, you don’t really have anybody to report it to.”

Scott Cornell, Travelers Crime & Theft Specialist

How to stop your fleet from becoming a victim: Asset tracking

Most fleets know how to track basic assets, such as trucks and trailers. But tracking can, and should, get even more granular. Fleets should have visibility on their packages, pallets, equipment, and more. In the case of cargo pilferage, you’ll know right away when and where a package has been stolen. And you’ll have the location data to recover the stolen package. FleetUp can help with a comprehensive asset security solution with powerful software and a full suite of discrete, real-time asset trackers.


How to stop your fleet from becoming a victim: Geofencing

Your fleet runs routes from location A to B. So if a package ends up in location C, you know something’s wrong. This is where geofences come in. Geofences allow your fleet to set virtual borders around all your primary job sites. So the moment your asset leaves a site it shouldn’t, your entire team will be alerted. And with FleetUp, your geofencing will be streamlined on an all-in-one platform.


How to stop your fleet from becoming a victim: Remote engine shut off

In the worst possible scenario, what is your best possible option? If your big rig is stolen, you should have the ability to shut off the engine. This can prevent your assets from destruction and collateral damage. FleetUp’s remote engine shutoff can protect your vehicles with the flip of a switch.

A stolen tractor trailer crashes into a California home   │   Source: Chino Fire Department

How to stop your fleet from becoming a victim: Assess and activate

The supply chain crisis puts fleets in a risky environment. Fleet managers need to assess their fleets’ unique areas of risk. Then, they must activate the appropriate solutions. FleetUp offers a full range of safety solutions: from asset tracking, to geofencing, to remote engine shut off. We will keep your fleet protected and moving – all on one platform.

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