Canada’s Extension for the ELD Mandate

Canada’s ELD Mandate: What it means for fleet owners in US & Canada

The US and Canada are involved in around $662 billion dollars worth of trading each year. Interestingly, 70-75% of these goods cross the border by truck. Safety & consistency with the US guidelines were the primary reasons behind the initiative taken by Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA); however, Canada’s ELD mandate was also motivated by financial benefits that US carriers are seeing, as early adopters.

What it means for US drivers

The final standards for Canada’s ELD mandate yet to be set, but US fleets can expect to be fully compliant with their neighbor by 2018. CCMTA in one of its press releases said, “Canada’s mandate will ensure consistency & interoperability by adopting the US ELD final rule to Canada’s own unique operational and regulatory requirements.”

Yes, there is a slight difference between the HOS regulations among two countries. But, Canada’s Department of Transportation has announced that it will amend HOS regulations so that it can interact seamlessly across Canadian & American fleets.

What it means for Canadian drivers

Canadian fleets should adopt ELDs as soon as possible. This will allow Canadian trucks to operate throughout the US without any hindrance when the US ELD mandate takes effect next year.  

ELDs offer some relief to drivers who make short trips between rigs. The sprawling landscape means longer rides with fewer rest stops. ELDs can notify drivers to take rest before they run out of driving hours. This will allow them to avoid the risk of HOS violations.

Canadian fleets who implement and train their drivers on ELDs before 2018 will become more competitive due to:

  • Fewer HOS violations
  • Decreased time spent on filling out forms and logs
  • Improved CSA scores

Finally, implementing ELDs across the fleets ensures that drivers are comfortable and prepared for the upcoming mandate. This is applicable for both American & Canadian carriers. ELDs are also vital to expanding your business horizon. Lastly, gradual implementation of ELDs in both countries will definitely expedite roadside inspections and reduce wait times.


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