3 Ways an ELD Will Make You Money

The trucking industry is concerned with the ELD mandate affecting their profits, from being unable to perform the same amount of jobs/deliveries/loads as when they were using paper logs. However, using an Electronic Logging Device, will allow you to make money in these ways (without dipping into fines and violations):

  1. If you’re an owner-operator who is exempt from ELDs because of the short haul exemption, consider this. Once December 18th, 2017 rolls around, companies are going to find their drivers unable to meet the same delivery quota as before. Drivers will run out of driving hours and companies will need to hire additional drivers to meet their schedules. Picking up the slack for these companies will most likely remove you from the short haul exemption, and you’ll want to have an ELD so you’re not limited to the jobs you can pick up. Purchase an ELD so you can make more money, completing and fulfilling deliveries their drivers cannot.
  2. Utilizing an Electronic Logging Device gives you access and insight into how to best manage your fleet. Even with a fleet of one to five vehicles, you will benefit from optimizing routes, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. Fleet Management solutions provide a variety of tools and features to help your business run fluidly while maximizing every dollar. There’s a lot of money to be saved, by not having to spend it in the first place.
  3. How much time will you save by using an ELD, instead of manually filling out your driver logs each day? How many stops do you make on a daily basis? Did you know ELDs automatically capture your location so you won’t need to write down the address of each status change? On average, filling out your paper log can take anywhere from 6-10 minutes. Assuming you work 22 days a month, this equates to 2.2 – 3.67 hours per month; that’s 143- 238 additional miles you could be driving each month. This will rack up quite quickly for any fleet manager with more than a handful of vehicles.

Considering how many fleets have yet to act on purchasing their ELDs, there is a good chance come November — providers are low on inventory and unable to meet demands until Spring of 2018. What does that mean for your business? Risk violations or being shut down until compliant. Request a demo with one of our ELD specialists today.

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