Myths of the ELD Mandate pt. 1

In the past four months, we’ve launched a webinar series on the ELD Mandate, and brought on FMCSA-certified instructor Samuel Mayfield to answer YOUR questions regarding the regulations. Everyone wants to know, “Am I exempt from the ELD Mandate?”.

Here is a set of commonly asked questions:

“Are small fleets exempt?”
“We have one truck that does not leave the state. Do we need an ELD?”
“I have one 2001 tractor — do I need an ELD?”

“If you have less than 5 vehicles, is there an exemption for the electronic logs?”
“What is the fleet size requirement for the ELD Mandate?”
“Will the ELD Mandate affect all sizes of trucking companies?”
“Is there a particular size of vehicle or fleet that is exempt?”
“Are companies with one truck required to have an ELD?”
“Do I need an ELD if I have 3 trucks?”
“Does fleet size matter?”
“Does this new ruling apply to fleets of smaller sizes?”
How is it going to affect small flat bed companies?”
“I am the owner and driver – do I need an ELD?”

These question allow us to put together myth #1.

#1. If you have a small fleet, you are exempt from the ELD Mandate.

False. Nowhere in the ELD Mandate does it state that fleets are exempt from the mandate, because of how many vehicles their business owns or operates. You are NOT exempt from the mandate because of how many vehicles you own.

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