Streamline IFTA Processes to Stop Expensive Audits



IFTA Audits Bleed Time and Money

Tracking and filing IFTA data is a complex process. Your drivers have to count miles and gather receipts. Your back office has to organize huge amounts of information without missing a single step. Even if your organization does everything correctly, the process drains a huge amount of time and resources. If a single employee forgets to cross one “t” or dot one “i?” Then you could be hit with thousands of dollars in interest and penalties.

Most IFTA auditors aren’t hunting purposeful tax evaders. They’re auditing organizations that have filed late, filed incompletely, or otherwise indicated that their internal systems are error-prone.

The majority of businesses that end up paying penalties thought they were doing everything by the book – but relied on processes that wasted everyone’s time without actually getting the job done right.

According to an Overdrive survey, 46% of owner-operators have been through an IFTA audit. In 2018, more than 3 out of 4 audited companies ended up having to pay interest and fines. It’s a hard truth – if your IFTA records aren’t accurate, eventually an auditor will come knocking on your door. And they’ll hand you a very big bill.


ProMiles and FleetUp Automate IFTA Compliance

That’s why FleetUp and ProMiles have teamed up to streamline IFTA processes. Together, we free up your employees’ time and eliminate costly human errors.

Our cutting-edge technology automates every step of IFTA data collection and filing:

  • FleetUp’s GPS tracks your vehicles’ mileage in every state.
  • ProMiles takes that GPS information and places it in a web-based Fuel Tax account.
  • ProMiles imports all fuel purchases directly from your fuel card provider.
  • Your automatically gathered and compiled records are 100% compliant with federal and state tax regulations.

That’s it. Really! The receipts your drivers were gathering? Forget about them. The miles they were counting? Tell them they can focus on their actual job – getting vehicles from Point A to Point B. The hours your back office spent filing data? Dedicate that time to more productive activity.

If you want to cure all of your IFTA headaches with the click of a button, sign up for a free trial of FleetUp today.

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