How We’re Helping Customers Accelerate Through the COVID-19 Crisis

As more people stay home, cities announce mandatory quarantines, and businesses shut their doors, the nation’s anxiety grows. While the future is uncertain, one thing is very certain – America won’t get through this without you, the mobility professionals who drive our country forward.

At FleetUp, we’ve always prioritized relationships. We’re happy we’ve gotten to know so many dedicated, hard-working mobility experts over the years. In a stressful time, this industry’s smarts and strength give us hope – together, we’re going to make it through.

That’s why we’re proud to support your business as it navigates coronavirus. Here’s how we’re helping our customers accelerate through this crisis:


A 24-Hour Engineering Cycle Runs Smoothly – Even in the Roughest Patches

In 2019, we implemented a 24-hour engineering cycle. With engineers in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, South Korea, China, and Ukraine, at least one team would always be up and alert. The idea was simple – if the future ever became unstable, our platform and devices would be firm ground. Today, the world is in a rough patch – but our world-class engineering teams keep hardware and software running smoothly.


We’re Working Remotely

When we learned how fast coronavirus was spreading, we knew we needed to pitch in and do our part. That’s why our company is enabling social distancing measures and our employees are working remotely.

We’re staying in isolation to slow the spread of coronavirus. Our homes are comfortable and outfitted with everything we need to support customers – but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to returning to the office and seeing our friends again!


Working Closely with Partners Abroad

Of course, this is a global crisis – and we’re just as concerned about our partners abroad as we are about our staff in the USA. Communication is key, so we’re regularly reaching out to friends overseas. These conversations are making us optimistic – our colleagues in China were happy to tell us that there are no new local infections in their country!

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel. If we stay close to our friends and work as a team, we’re going to reach it twice as fast. Here at FleetUp, we’re family. And we want you to know that, whenever you’re looking for a hand, we’ll be here, reaching out, ready to help you take your next step.

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