Why FleetUp’s Customers Trust Us to Keep Drivers HOS Compliant

FMCSA regulations are always changing. On September 29th, a new set of HOS revisions will go into effect. When rules are re-written, outmoded fleets get slammed with substantial non-compliance fines. That’s why mobility businesses depend on ELD providers to keep technology up to date.

And that’s why FleetUp invests in engineering above everything. Unlike other ELD providers with gigantic sales departments, we have 3 engineers for every salesperson. With teams in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, South Korea, China, and Ukraine, our engineering cycle is truly 24/7. By the time one team leaves the office, the next is already at their desks.

Long before rule changes are implemented, our engineers make sure FleetUp ELDs are tested, double-tested, and prepared for the switch-over. That’s why we’re the best ELD provider in the business – our customers know we’ll keep them compliant, no matter what.

We’re ready for the September 29th rule changes. Are your drivers? Our team created a guide that will help your team take advantage of their increased HOS flexibility. Forward it to their emails or print it out and hand them the guide in person. They’ll use it to get more work done faster.


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