Cut Fuel Costs

Between 2009 and 2017, fuel accounted for between 22% to 38% of trucking companies’ total operational spending, according to the ATRI (American Trucking Research Institute).

Although fuel’s cost keeps operational margins thin, even experienced drivers use fuel thoughtlessly. The average fleet loses 20% of its fuel to wasteful habits like idling.

The good news is, when managers monitor drivers’ fuel use, they’re able to cut costs rapidly. By eliminating wasteful driving habits, fleets can reduce their total operating budgets by more than 7%.

FleetUp’s Fuel Waste Analysis Reports give managers the data they need to:

  • Monitor drivers’ fuel use.
  • See how much fuel each driver loses to wasteful habits like idling.
  • Identify vehicles losing fuel due to mechanical problems.

How Our Fuel Waste Reports Work

FleetUp users can reduce fuel use with three simple steps:

1. Download Your Fuel Waste Report

Log onto the Performance Platform. Go to the “Report” tab to download your Fuel Waste Report.


2. Find Your Fleet’s Top 5 Fuel Wasters by Idling

Our reports pinpoint the employees who need to change their driving habits.

We recommend focusing on idling because it’s the biggest cause of fuel waste. However, our reports also show how much fuel is being wasted because of speeding and high RPM.


3. Meet with Poor Performers – and Recognize Top Performers

Sit down with your Top 5 fuel wasters and show them their fuel waste data. Explain how they can improve their driving (for example, by never idling for longer than two minutes) and set achievable goals.

A few customers have told us that they’ve reduced fuel waste by giving cash rewards to their least wasteful drivers. The math is simple: For a large fleet, incentivizing drivers to compete for a monthly $500 prize can save the organization tens of thousands of dollars.

Many of our users are shocked when they see the cost of fuel waste in actual dollars and cents. Track your progress in reducing fuel waste – then use our tools to show your team exactly how much money you saved.


Use FleetUp’s Fuel Waste Tools Now

FleetUp Customers can download their Fuel Waste Report by following these instructions.


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