Trucking logbook: Download your daily HOS logbook


Don’t risk HOS violations and DOT fines – make sure you always have a trucking logbook in your truck.

Download your trucking logbook.
Download your trucking logbook.

FleetUp has the most driver-friendly trucking logbook

Here are the three reasons FleetUp’s ELD will help you avoid violation HOS regulations. It has:

1. An intuitive user interface:
Even the least tech-savvy driver will quickly understand how the FleetUp Driver mobile app works.

2. An HOS voice assistant:
FleetUp’s voice assistant automatically identifies potential HOS errors – then suggests how you can correct those errors.

3. A tutorial voice assistant:
FleetUp’s voice assistant also teaches you how to fill out HOS logs correctly – it’s an AI tutor that reduces confusion and prevents HOS mistakes.


Do your logs have errors? The fines will be costly

Here are the four types of HOS violations and their associated fines:

  • Inaccurate recordkeeping: $1,388 – $13,885
  • Knowing falsification of records: $13,885
  • HOS violations: Not more than $16,684 for each violation
  • Egregious violations of driving-time limits: An amount “calculated to induce compliance”

And that’s not all. If you’re caught violating HOS hours, you can be put out-of-service for 10 hours. It’s not worth the hassle – use an ELD that helps you stay compliant.


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