6 Big Lies You’ve Been Told About ELD Compliance

(well, maybe not your Mom)

Press and rumors tend to ignite a lot of feelings about ELDs and a lot of that takes off down the grapevine to have a life of its own. But, truth be known, there are a lot of misgivings about ELDs that need to be cleared up (and not taken to be gospel). So even if your Momma didn’t feed you a bunch of bull, you may have heard at least one of these untruths.

    ELDs are confusing

You want to know the REAL TRUTH: Log regulations are confusing and trying to figure out with pen and paper how to log correctly can drive any driver crazy. ELD companies like FleetUp have spent countless hours on how to make ELDs and fleet management easy to get up and running quickly.

    If you make a mistake, you have to stick with it

The truth is that edits can be made by the driver but need to comply with the movement of the truck. This leads to the next “lie”.

    ELDs are taking control away from you

Not true. The driver is at the helm. If an administrator suggests an edit, it is not final but is pending according to the FMCSA. When the rubber meets the road, the driver is the one who is responsible for the accuracy of the logs, just like with paper logs.

    If your ELD malfunctions, you gotta shut down

Paper logs are a backup in this case. If the ELD breaks and needs repair, a driver can use paper logs for 8 days until the unit is fixed or replaced. So having SOME experience with paper logs can work to your favor.

    ELDs are an unnecessary expense

With all of the advancements in fleet management technology, FleetUp is able to provide a superior ELD with comprehensive diagnostics and analysis for the same price (or less) than most companies can just provide a compliant ELD. In addition, suggesting changes to routes and stops to eliminate waste can make FleetUp a VERY necessary asset.

    You will have to put your truck in the shop for a couple of days for installation

FleetUp’s state of the art modules offer the opportunity for carriers to plug in a module into the ECR port and everything else is handled through the app. Most drivers are already familiar with smartphone operation and FleetUp has taken advantage of this tech to make the transition as quick and easy as possible.

The ability to take advantage of the opportunity in front of you is easy and requires minimal training. Drivers that know how to log hours will be pleased to see that a change of status is as easy as one touch. Online DVIRs, signing logs with a finger, and voice prompts to assist are just a few of the features available to those with FleetUp.

Request a personalized demo. Your Momma would probably be proud.

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