Why Are Hackers Attracted to Bluetooth?

If we were to analyze thoroughly how Bluetooth has affected our lives, we will most likely find that it holds immense importance. For starters, our cell phones wirelessly connect to speakers, cars and other devices through Bluetooth. This is the reason why hackers are interested in this new trend where many electronic devices are becoming Bluetooth compatible.

Hackers are also interested in the potential of carjacking through Bluetooth. These vehicles can therefore be made to do anything, from unlocking your car doors or taking control of your driving. An example of such a crime was seen when a big rig truck’s accelerator and brakes were hijacked. Industrial automakers have gone on high alert when students from the University of Michigan demonstrated how they could take control of the brakes and acceleration of the vehicle.

They were able to do this by sending digital signals into the internal network of the truck and digitally ‘hotwiring’ it. This can be a cause for concern for drivers who spend the night in their vehicles, or drive the same routes on a daily or weekly basis. Furthermore, if the vehicle is taking with it valuable assets, they can be an easy target for theft.

Bluetooth devices are putting drivers and big rigs in danger and should be avoided at all costs, especially when equipping your vehicles with an Electronic Logging Device. To learn more about non-bluetooth ELD, schedule a quick demo.

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To read the full article, please visit https://www.wired.com/2016/08/researchers-hack-big-rig-truck-hijack-accelerator-brakes/

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