Bluetooth Vulnerabilities – Is Car Hacking a Possibility?

This might seem like something out of a James Bond movie but the fact remains that vehicular cyber-sabotage is possible and is happening around the world. The cars we drive today are quite different than the ones from a generation ago. From TV screens to automated voice GPS systems to Bluetooth connections to our handheld devices, it was only a matter of time before a hacker in a basement figured out how to hotwire a car without wires.

The goal being connectivity, many car manufacturers should keep in mind that cyber security is as essential as adding new features. It’s a dangerous matter if you think about it because in the scenario of you driving down a highway and you no longer have control over your vehicle. Hackers can lock or unlock your car doors or even disable your brakes.

You should take the necessary safety measures, such as updating your car software and avoid any unnecessary requests to connect to your vehicle’s bluetooth. The FBI requests you notify them immediately if you think your vehicle has been hacked.

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