Vehicle Theft and Prevention

Here are some statistics about Vehicle Theft (according to NHTSA):

  • 40-50% of vehicle theft is due to DRIVER error
  • Only 52% of stolen vehicles are recovered
  • Top two months for vehicle theft occurs in July and August
  • California has the most stolen vehicles in the US

We’ve been hearing about companies who have had trucks stolen in the past couple of months. One of our customers had a truck stolen, just this past 4th of July weekend!

If you’re living in California, be extra alert for the next two months! Double check for your keys before you leave your vehicle and equip your car with a tracking device. It will increase the chances of you retrieving your stolen vehicle.

To decrease your chances of having your vehicle broken into, do not leave valuables in plain sight! Try to park in well-lit areas or a garage, if available.

To read more about National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s tips on Vehicle Theft Prevention, click here.

Do you have several vehicles or heavy duty trucks you or your employees use for business? Want to protect your personal vehicles or locate your teen drivers in real-time? FleetUp is a comprehensive fleet management tool that can save you on fuel expenses AND come in handy if your vehicle is stolen. Our customer was able to quickly locate his stolen vehicle using FleetUp’s tracking device.

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