Top Trends in Trucking

Trucking Industry Trends

Changing times are having an impact on all industries and trucking is no exception. The US trucking industry employs more than 3.5 million people. The trends that are dominating this industry have a major impact on the drivers and are also taking the industry ahead. These trends, which are shaping the future, are discussed below:

Increased Interdependence

Trucking companies these days are putting an end to their problems by relying a lot more on their vendors. Many of these vendors possess the requisite industry experience that companies are tapping for advice. These vendors have the expertise because they pay close attention to industry information and news garnered from various customers.

Greater Efficiencies

Another growing trend in the industry is keeping shipments compact. This is achieved through use of suitable technology to boost efficiency. With the use of smart technology and GPS, companies are determining the most optimal routes for their truckers. These increased efficiencies can turn a good year into an excellent one in terms of profitability.

Government Regulations

One thing trucking companies will always have to keep track of are the regulations and laws that are imposed by the government, whether federal or state. These compliance requirements cover a slew of issues, like use of coercion in employment, driver’s allotted driving hours, electronic logs and safety regulations. By perusing these laws on a regular basis assists companies in staying a step ahead in the industry.

Unmanned Vehicles

With the advancement in technology, the notion of self-driving vehicles is no longer a dream. Whether companies are prepared for it or not, the idea is likely to see the light of day shortly. Although these unmanned vehicles may not completely overtake the trucking industry, companies need to take a positive outlook on this emerging trend and come up with ways to use this technology to cash in more dollars for the business.

Shortage of Drivers

The trucking companies are constantly facing a driver shortage. Another cause of concern is the high average age of these drivers, i.e. 55 years in the US. The burning question is that who will serve as their replacement as they make the transition out of work life. It is one of those haunting and lingering questions that both carriers and fleets are grappling with. To address this issue, some companies are attracting youth to this profession by offering higher wages. These companies are collaborating with their tire dealers and suppliers to cut down their operating expenses to compensate for higher wages.

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