FleetUp Solar Chargers: Green technology makes asset tracking more powerful

The adoption of new green technologies is making fleets faster, less wasteful, and more efficient. This isn’t just true in transportation– advancements in eco-friendly tech are also helping industries as diverse as construction, field services, and oil and mining.

The most widely touted breakthrough is the electric vehicle. FleetNews reports that every electric vehicle costs thousands of dollars per year less than a gas vehicle. These savings don’t only come from gas. Maintenance costs an average of 40% less for electric vehicles than for gas vehicles.

The green revolution doesn’t just reduce pollution. It also cuts costs, saving companies money and increasing efficiency. That kind of dollars-and-cents innovation is what inspired FleetUp’s engineers to develop our newest product, FleetUp Solar Chargers.

Do more with less

FleetUp’s customers want tracking devices that never stop working. That’s why so many of our products plug into asset power sources – it keeps them going day in, day out.

But not every asset has a power source. And some customers want to move tracking devices between assets without having to reinstall them. For these situations, FleetUp’s engineers developed the industry’s longest-lasting battery-powered trackers, with charges that last for at least 90 days. And with FleetUp Solar Chargers, that battery life will be extended even further.

Track assets on outdoor construction sites

FleetUp’s construction customers have many assets that spend most of their time outdoors, such as light towers. Solar chargers make tracking these assets even easier. Because they’re stationary, it’s easy to position tracking devices so that they receive the maximum amount of sunlight and rarely ever need to be retrieved and recharged.

When batteries work longer, FleetUp administrators can rest easy knowing that their assets will be securely monitored. Even if they’re stolen, solar chargers keep GPS locations updated, making devices easy to retrieve.

Track mobile assets for months and months

Many FleetUp customers in shipping and logistics attach tracking devices to the outside of containers, trailers, and reefers. These devices spend a lot of time on the road, directly exposed to the sun. Adding FleetUp Solar Chargers will keep them tracked, even if it takes months for assets to return to lots where devices can be recharged.

With trucks traveling across the country and ships traveling over oceans, unpowered batteries can mean lost assets and shipments. Solar chargers keep valuables tracked all the way to their destinations.

Extend tracking now

Spend less time tracking battery life and recharging batteries. Streamline and simplify device management with FleetUp Solar Chargers.

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