Real-Time Fleet Diagnostics with FleetUp/Navistar Partnership

Our new partnership with OnCommand Connection from Navistar offers real-time fleet diagnostics. What does that mean for you?

What is your New Year’s resolution?  Improve efficiency?  Increase your bottom line?

Our new partnership with OnCommand Connection from Navistar International Corporation – the first and only open architecture diagnostics system – can help you keep those resolutions.

We know how important real-time insight into your vehicle performance can be when you’re constantly on the go. Using FleetUp’s existing FMCSA-compliant ELD and FMS technology paired with Navistar’s OnCommand Connection program, fleet managers now have access to detailed information from all vehicles in their fleet. This information includes engine diagnostics, fuel consumption per trip, fuel waste management, engine coolant temperature monitoring, and battery level monitoring.

Why is this Important?  

Fleet managers can analyze this vehicle information in real time to determine how vehicle performance can be optimized, and will also decrease truck-related emergencies. Better vehicle performance = more time on the road and ultimately an increase to the bottom line.

Vehicle health reports are generated every 30 minutes through the OnCommand Connection platform, allowing fleet managers to access over 130 measurable values used for troubleshooting and safety precautions.

And, OnCommand Connection is compatible with all makes of commercial trucks, making it easier than ever to set up and connect any engine brand to the comprehensive diagnostic system. Now all fleet managers can have simple online access to this critical data at a moment’s notice.

What are the services and features included in OnCommand Connection’s real-time diagnostics system?

Live Access to Health Reports

What if you could avoid your next flat tire or compliance citation before it happens? With OnCommand Connection, easily view and organize active fault codes and health reports for specific vehicles all in one central location through your internet-connected smart phone, tablet, or laptop. This information includes vehicle parts performance and fault codes, which can provide peace of mind that all is running smoothly and you won’t lose a tire on the road.

You can also receive weather condition notifications, so you don’t send drivers out during Snowmaggedon. And with the capability to store data every 30 minutes for up to 5,000 reports, you will always have up-to-date information.

Action Planning

Once you receive a report, you notice something is off with one of your vehicles – and the driver may not be aware. OnCommand Connection allows you to solve problems quickly and efficiently with all-inclusive fault code descriptions, severity levels, and suggested diagnostic questions, so managers can contact drivers to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

GPS Mapping

You just received an alert that one of your trucks has a faulty part. Now what? OnCommand Connection helps you locate nearby body shops to get your vehicle to professionals quickly to address a specific diagnosis. With GPS mapping, you can also search for dealerships, truck shops, customer sites, and hotels for all your fleet safety, client communication, and/or travel needs.


While reports are generated every 30 minutes, you can customize and filter alerts to adjust frequency timing, severity, and duration to accommodate each fleet’s unique needs. This way, you can prioritize a flat tire over a broken taillight.


OnCommand Connection allows you to be proactive with your vehicle management. The program provides various documents and features in one convenient location, including online parts catalogs, VIN-specific search tools, service manuals, and other support services to keep you one step ahead of potential issues.

As our partnership with Navistar begins, and OnCommand connection is added to our extensive portfolio of ELD and FMS solutions, FleetUp remains committed to continually advancing the fleet management industry, improving the safety and efficiency of fleet operations, and providing easy and convenient solutions for both fleet managers and drivers. Check out the full press release here.


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