Keep your fleet on track: How dynamic geofencing creates a more efficient fleet

What does it mean to have fleet efficiency? For optimal fleet operations, balancing productivity, fuel consumption, driver safety, asset maintenance, and other factors in the right way can lower costs, increase profits, and increase efficiency. Even the most well run fleet has its shortcomings, and luckily modern technology is ready to fill in the gaps. Dynamic geofencing gives fleet managers a significant advantage over their competition through better control of their fleets. 

What is Dynamic Geofencing?

Simply defined, geofencing is a virtual border around an area of the real world. Many industries utilize geofencing to target location-based individuals and send customized alerts. From car dealerships to event planners, the technology is adaptable to meet a lot of different needs.

If you’re wondering how geofencing works, FleetUp has done the hard part for you providing a prebuilt, user-friendly, and customizable solution. If you’re wondering how geofencing can work for you, let’s break it down.

Dynamic geofencing and your fleet

For fleet managers, dynamic geofencing means one thing: you get better control. Because our tool is customizable to you and your fleet’s needs, the possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Utilizing dynamic geofencing not only helps prevent errors and unnecessary costs, but creates new potential for efficiencies your current toolset can’t do on its own. With dynamic geofencing, you can:

  • Customize your locations and create dynamic geofences around warehouses, delivery routes, distribution centers, entrances and exits, and more.
  • Track vehicles, assets, and even employees.
  • Customize alerts to share speed limits, entrances, and arrival alerts.
  • Create insights by monitoring time spent within a geofence location, speed analysis, time traveled between locations, and unauthorized vehicle use.

At FleetUp, each of our clients use dynamic geofencing in different ways, all based on their business needs. Fleets are not one-size-fits-all, and our FleetUp advisors are there from start to finish providing tips on maximizing your geofencing utilization.

Dynamic geofencing and your fleet’s efficiency

Though every fleet can use geofencing in a way that is unique to them, at FleetUp we see common use cases that create efficiency.

1. Fleet theft prevention

The frustration around fleet theft is something almost every fleet manager can relate to. With theft up in the past year (and continuing to rise), bringing in technology to assist in theft prevention should be a given. Having the tools in place before theft occurs means the difference between finding out with enough time to react and recover, and finding out when it is too late. Create a geofence to send alerts when any vehicle or asset leaves it’s assigned area to improve your response time and have detailed information every step of the way.

2. Improve customer service

With dynamic geofencing, you can track your vehicle’s deliveries with real-time monitoring. This allows you to know a driver’s real-time arrival and proactively alert customers of upcoming deliveries. When quality in communication and reporting is up, customer satisfaction rises and your business grows.

Geofencing also increases your ability to better serve your employees through driver safety. You can receive automatic alerts for when staff drive recklessly, so you can intervene in real time.

3. Optimize productivity

Dynamic geofencing saves you time and money by automating your productivity. You’ll know when employees come and go, you’ll have automatic timesheets to review, and you’ll have a hand on any unauthorized vehicle use.

Evaluating data created through dynamic geofencing frees up your time to optimize routes to increase ROI and increase driver accountability.

Dynamic geofencing with FleetUp

FleetUp’s dynamic geofencing offers unlimited  geofences, speeding alerts, asset pairing, delivery notifications, and trip analysis to bring your fleet to the next level of efficiency.

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