Looking to stop unauthorized use of company vehicles?

One of the most common issues that employers face is the unauthorized use of company vehicles and equipment by employees. This can result in increased costs, liability risks, safety hazards, and damage to the company’s reputation. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the reasons why employees may engage in unauthorized use, the potential consequences for both the employer and the employee, and how you can address this problem.

Why do employees use company vehicles and equipment without permission?

There are many possible reasons why employees use company vehicles and equipment without permission, such as:

  • Convenience: Employees may find it easier or faster to use company vehicles and equipment for personal or non-work-related purposes, such as running errands, or commuting.
  • Side job: Employees often use a company’s vehicle as means of supplementing their income or pursuing their interests.
  • Entitlement: Employees may feel that they deserve to use company vehicles and equipment as a perk or reward for their work performance, seniority, or loyalty.
  • Ignorance: Employees may not be aware of the company’s policies and procedures regarding the use of company vehicles and equipment, or they may misunderstand or misinterpret them.
  • Lack of supervision: Employees may take advantage of the lack of oversight or monitoring by their managers or supervisors, especially if they work remotely or in different locations.
  • Peer pressure: Employees may follow the example or influence of their co-workers who also use company vehicles and equipment without permission.

Using a vehicle without proper authorization can have several negative consequences for the organization and the individual. It can lead to higher fuel consumption, which increases operational costs and environmental impact. It can also cause more wear and tear on the vehicle, which requires more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Additionally, unauthorized vehicle use can affect the insurance coverage and premiums of the organization, as well as expose it to legal liability in case of accidents or damages. 

Now there is something you can do to curtail employees from using vehicles during non-work hours. 

FleetUp’s ultimate vehicle security solution is designed to protect your vehicles from unauthorized use and theft. It uses advanced technology to monitor your vehicles’ movements and alert you of any suspicious activity.

With FleetUp’s Protection Mode, you can set up detection times for your vehicles and get notified if they are moved during those times. For example, if a vehicle is moved during the night or on weekends, you will receive an alert.

You can then use FleetUp’s state-of-the-art GPS tracking to see where the vehicle is and where it is heading, and take appropriate action to stop the unauthorized use.

You can also share the live location of the vehicle with other team members, so that you can hold the employee responsible for the violation.

By using FleetUp’s ultimate vehicle security solution, you can prevent vehicle theft and misuse, and improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet operations. 


To learn more about FleetUp’s vehicle security solution, you can contact FleetUp for a demo.

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