Maintaining accurate FMCSA logs: How to keep drivers compliant and reduce HOS logging errors


Expensive tickets can feel inevitable – drivers already have to focus on safety, deadlines, traffic, long lines at loading docks, and so much more. It’s difficult for them to keep 100% accurate FMCSA logs on top of that. But fleets don’t have to resign themselves to losing profits to FMCSA fines. 

But fleet automation software can help drivers get a whole lot closer to achieving 100% accuracy. And that means fewer losses and higher profits.

Automation software attacks the problem of HOS violations and inaccurate FMCSA logs from multiple sides:

  • HOS apps that teach drivers how to use their features.
  • HOS apps that automatically alert drivers when they’ve made a potential error filling out their FMCSA logs.
  • Voice assistants that alert drivers when they’re about to violate HOS regulations.

Here’s how each of these features prevents fines and boosts profits:


HOS apps with tutorials

There are many steps to maintaining accurate FMCSA logs. Drivers need to make sure their HOS status is accurate, maintain DVIRs, remember to log out at the end of their shift, and more. Even the most user-friendly HOS app might be difficult for some tech-phobic drivers to use.

That’s why it’s important to choose an HOS app that has an automated tutorial mode. Apps like FleetUp Driver show users how to maintain compliance every step of the way. Managers won’t have to spend time teaching drivers how to use the app because the app teaches drivers itself. And drivers who have a tougher learning curve can keep the tutorial mode on as long as they want to, so they’re always given clear instructions.


FMCSA log error alerts

Even the most fastidious driver might make an occasional mistake when filling out their FMCSA logs. And even one fine can shave thousands of dollars off profits.

That’s why it’s helpful to have an app that is always checking for possible FMCSA log errors. When a driver inputs data that could lead to a fine, FleetUp Driver brings it to their attention and suggests possible corrections. This automated function eliminates any possibility of receiving a fine simply because a driver made a simple data entry mistake.


HOS voice assistants

Truckers have irregular and hard-to-predict schedules. Sometimes, a route that should have taken six hours becomes a ten-hour nightmare. Other times, a long wait at one loading dock means that a driver is suddenly behind schedule and has to rush to make their next delivery.

In the middle of all this chaos, it’s easy for drivers to lose track of their HOS status. That’s why the FleetUp Driver mobile app includes customizable HOS warnings. Drivers or managers can set the alert they prefer – for example, 30 minutes or 1 hour before they have no more driving hours. Then, when this limit is hit, a voice assistant speaks up and lets the driver know that it’s time to start thinking about getting off the road.

HOS voice assistants won’t make your drivers’ days any less busy – but they will stop over-worked drivers from accidentally breaking HOS regulations.


FleetUp Driver: The best app for maintaining accurate FMCSA logs

FleetUp Driver offers all three of these features. With the cost of fines rising every year, there’s never been a better time to adopt fine-reduction tools. Don’t wait until careless mistakes cost your business thousands of dollars in profits – get FleetUp Driver now.

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