ELD Shortage Imminent

ELD providers recently discovered that a lot of truckers and small fleets were either ignoring the ELD mandate completely or were waiting it out. The chances of this tactic working are highly unlikely as the ELD mandate is here to stay. Costs for electronic logging devices (ELDs) have fallen and a supply crunch is imminent as the year ends.

What is the ELD Mandate?

The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has been developed to ensure truck drivers get the salary they deserve based on their hours of service (HOS) and more importantly, to ensure driver safety. The device will monitor their driving hours and this has proven to be more accurate than the current register system. The scheduled date for full implementation is December 18th, 2017. Due to this mandate, ELD providers expect a surge in demand and are unsure about meeting the current market requirements set by the mandate. Electronics Weekly recently published about a shortage in electronic components — which directly affects the lead time of ELDs.

Don’t wait until December!

If you intend on waiting the mandate out, you are in for a ride. Fleets that wait may be forced to find an ELD to be compliant, based on what is available rather than the vendor they prefer. Come December, your fleet will be shutdown for non-compliance and will not be able to operate until equipped with a compliant ELD. Based on the electronic component shortage, lead times may be weeks, if not months.

Will your business withstand weeks of non-operation? Not to mention, the learning curve of a new system for your administrative staff and your drivers. Make sure you leave ample time for driver training, or risk noncompliance even after implementing an ELD.

Although FleetUp’s Hours of Service app is equipped with features to make driver training a breeze, we recommend you equip your fleet as soon as possible. Avoid the rush in November and December and potential shortages; be compliant today. Request a personalized demo!

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