ELD Compliance, Rules & Benefits

What is the electronic logging devices (ELD) compliance all about?

The ELD compliance is made to help make the work environment easier for all the drivers and faster to accurately track, manage, track and also share records of duty status data, which is also known as RODS. This rule applies to all buses and trucks. If you own a motor carrier business, you surely want to read this to know better about the ELD compliance. There is a deadline to this rule, and if you fail to incorporate this system, you could risk a felony.

The ELD system will synchronize with the vehicle engine to record the driving time, for accurate HOS recording.

What is the rule all about?
1. Drivers and carriers that are using the paper logs systems must switch to ELDs before December 18th, 2017. Those who are using AOBRDs must transition to the ELD system before December 16th, 2019.

  1. All the ELD manufacturers should conform and certify their ELD and also register it with the FMCSA.
  2. If you are a carrier, you should select the ELDs and make sure they are installed in every vehicle before the deadlines. You must also teach your staff members as to how they can use this system.

What are the benefits of ELDs?
There are several benefits of this new system and here are a few:

  1. They make it easier, quicker and simpler to keep all the driver records.
  2. It reduces and limits the mistakes. It also corrects the errors!
  3. It is also beneficial to provide information to the drivers and motor carriers so that the drivers are able to manage schedule issues.
  4. ELDs accurately record the location and information to make it easier to track any duty status.
  5. They are an incredible management tool and can help make your job much easier.
  6. You will have less paperwork when using ELDs as the records are always accurate and clear.

So, avoid using paper logs and get ELDs in all your vehicles, today!

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