The dual facing FleetUp AI Dashcam: A world-class safety tool for commercial fleets

Commercial fleet managers feel a deep responsibility for the safety of their staff and their communities. Working in transportation can be dangerous. Employers want their employees to finish every shift safely.

At FleetUp, we feel a similar responsibility for the safety of our customers. We want their drivers to complete every trip without incident and for their businesses to be successful. When we help customers avoid accidents, we make every road in America safer. That’s why we created the dual facing FleetUp AI Dashcam.

Increased visibility for increasingly risky roads

Commercial fleets face two interconnected threats. The first is long-established – the growing problem of nuclear verdicts. According to CNBC, “the average verdict size for a lawsuit above $1 million involving a truck crash has increased nearly 1,000% from 2010 to 2018, rising from $2.3 million to $22.3 million.” Increasingly, crashes put fleets at risk of bankruptcy.

The second threat is recent – roads are becoming more dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, 5,005 trucks were involved in fatal crashes in 2019, a 43% increase from 2010. 2020 was an even worse year for road fatalities. Although traffic fell by as much as 50% during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that the number of people killed on highways rose by 4.6% during the first months of 2020. 2020 had the highest number of traffic deaths in 13 years.

The combined impact of nuclear verdicts and dangerous roads means that advanced safety technologies are no longer a luxury for commercial fleets. They’re a necessity.

Managers can’t watch every vehicle at once. AI can.

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. There’s no way for managers to be in every cab, watching every second of every trip. But FleetUp’s AI does exactly that.

The FleetUp AI Dashcam records both the road and the driver. It’s trained to recognize when drivers are tired, when they look at their phones, when they take their eyes off the road, and more. It’s also trained to recognize road incidents – crashes, near-crashes, and reckless driving.

Because the dashcam’s AI recognizes these incidents, managers won’t ever have to spot check drivers. They can log onto the FleetUp platform and view real-time dashcam footage whenever they want, but they can rest assured that any incident will be picked up by their new AI safety specialist, whether a human happens to be watching or not.

AI automates incident documentation

Whenever the FleetUp dashcam’s AI recognizes an incident, it automatically uploads its footage to the user’s FleetUp cloud. There, it can be accessed and reviewed by any approved party.

In the case of safety managers, this means having instant access to real, documented evidence of safety infractions. They can use these recordings to make the decisions and that will protect their community’s roads, their staff’s safety, and their company’s financial future.

In the case of drivers, this means having proof that they weren’t at fault during accidents. In the vast majority of accidents, commercial drivers were the safer party. According to separate studies from the American Trucking Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 80% of car-truck crashes are caused by cars. Automatic cloud uploads give administrators the opportunity to stand up for their staff.

AI stops reckless driving as it happens

The FleetUp AI Dashcam won’t only document drivers when they show signs of tiredness, look at their phones, or look away from the road – the moment it recognizes one of these incidents, it will speak to the driver and snap them back to attention.

FleetUp’s new and improved dashcam features speakers and responds to reckless driving immediately. No matter when a driver is on the road, no matter where they’re driving, the AI is always watching. Drivers who pick up a call on their cell and hear the AI say, “Please stop calling” will quickly put down their phone, stopping risky behaviors in their tracks.

Make your fleet the industry’s safest

As roads become more dangerous, commercial fleets and professional drivers have to navigate a riskier business environment. No manager wants to receive a phone call informing them of a crash. No business wants to be responsible for putting their community’s commuters at risk.

Fortunately, the FleetUp AI Dashcam is easy to install and use. Add it to your fleet and keep its eyes trained on your operation. It will make your company a road safety leader.

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