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Case Studies

Customer Service, Dispatching

Due to a significant increase in business, Sal’s Limousines needed a more efficient way to dispatch their vehicles. Before implementing the FleetUp Fleet Management System, Sal’s Limousines dispatchers had to personally call each driver to ascertain their location—reducing efficiency and creating a safety issue for the driver. Leveraging the Live Map feature in the FleetUp Fleet Management System, Sal’s Limousines was able to quickly locate their vehicles and assign the right driver to the right client based on location and real-time traffic.

Better Business Planning

Johnny’s Express provides tours in popular attractions all over the US. With FleetUp, they gained key insights to business-critical data. Business planners could see which locations and tours were most popular, which seasons were busiest, and what seasons were popular for specific locations. Armed with this data, Johnny’s Express was able to make better business decisions on when to employ more drivers and where their tours should be available, based on customer demand.

Driver Performance, Safety, and Customer Complaint Verification

Rayne Plumbing, a top plumbing company in San Jose, CA, called FleetUp for help after receiving customer complaints about their service team arriving late for appointments.

Keeping track of drivers is a difficult job. Verifying work hours, tracking tardiness, monitoring job length and ensuring employee safety can overwhelm even the best fleet managers. Since 2013, FleetUp has been focused on changing this area of fleet management for the better.

To solve Rayne Plumbing's problem, FleetUp recommended and installed their intelligent Fleet Management System. Using GPS tracking and geofencing technology, FleetUp created vehicle and driver tracking alerts for the entire Rayne Plumbing fleet. Within a matter of days, Rayne Plumbing had collected actionable data on their fleet, including service call duration, routes driven, driving speed and vehicle idle time. They used this data to train their drivers on safety protocols, route optimization and fuel savings measures.

In the end, the FleetUp Fleet Management System helped Rayne Plumbing to increase staff safety, save money on fuel and complete more service calls per day.

Dispatching, Customer Service, Integrated Asset Tracking

Adams & Sons Transportation is known as a forward-thinking company when it comes to fleet management. They were early adopters of GPS tracking solutions to locate and monitor their vehicles, trailers and other assets.

Unfortunately, they purchased a fleet management system that was not scalable. As a result, they were forced to make additional purchases from separate vendors in order to add functionality.  Soon they were using several different technology platforms to manage their fleet on a day-to-day basis.

Running multiple systems to perform related functions is inefficient.  Adams & Sons quickly realized that they were wasting time and money by requiring managers to learn multiple systems and gather data from separate databases in order to create detailed reports. SaaS and hardware costs were also higher than necessary. To resolve these issues, they called FleetUp.

The FleetUp team demonstrated how the FleetUp Fleet Management System can track all of the Adams vehicles and trailers, monitor their locations in real time on a single map and provide comprehensive reporting on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis.  They detailed how the FleetUp solution is scalable to any size fleet and comes with an easy-to-use web portal and FMS Companion app. Impressed by completeness of the system, Adams & Sons decided to switch to FleetUp for all of their fleet management needs.

Today, Adams & Sons Transportation tracks their entire fleet and generates detailed reports from a single platform. Their productivity and customer service ratings have increased dramatically since implementing the FleetUp Fleet Management System.