Disaster Resource Group (DRG) is a turnkey logistics provider that helps utilities build base camps after natural disasters.

Disaster Resource Group (DRG) is a logistics provider that provides custom, turnkey solutions to give clients the safest, most efficient path to rapid recovery and restorations. DRG provides alternative lodging, remote site power generation and HVAC, Base Camp Hygiene, Catering services, tents, disaster management services, damage assessor teams (DAT), and more. They have fully trained logistics staff to bring in, set up, and operate this equipment in the most safe and efficient manner.

DRG’s clients prioritize lightning-quick setup and high-quality services. Bill Logan, DRG’s Director of Logistics, says, “We set up top-notch camps that allow the utility to bring their folks into camp and start working automatically. We make sure the crews have comfortable sleeping quarters and meals they can actually enjoy, so they’re more excited about being out in the field helping to restore services. The whole thing is about getting customers’ lights back on.”

In an emergency, there’s no such thing as “too fast.” That’s why Bill and his team are always looking for ways to set up even more safely and faster. They contacted FleetUp because they were having problems overcoming two obstacles. First, managers had trouble finding mobile sleepers deployed in the field once they left their respective storage locations. Second, dispatching of assets was performed manually when assigning assets. Here’s how FleetUp fixed those problems – and more.

Picking up speed with geofences and FleetUp’s advanced map

When DRG added FleetUp to their operation, they could instantly retrieve the status of every asset on a single real-time map. With one glance, Bill and his team could see which assets were enroute and moving, which were going to arrive on time, and which were running late or had stopped for some reason. This allowed them to have the flexibility of knowing their assets were moving and, if stopped, to do a safety check.

The advanced map settings allowed DRG to assign a driver to each asset within the FleetUp database. All Bill had to do was click the asset’s icon and all of its current information, including its assigned driver, popped up.

By keeping management informed in real time, the entire team works faster, safer and more efficiently. Geofences make the process even easier. Bill says, “I like the map, but I can’t sit by the computer all day to see exactly when assets enter and exit base camps. I have other responsibilities.” Instead, he creates geofences around base camps and sets up automated alerts that go straight to his email. “When I receive alerts, I always know when every trailer arrives and leaves the designated geofence area.”

“I can log into FleetUp and monitor every trailer. It gives my executives and everyone in the command center a clear picture of where our trailers are and where they’re going.”Bill Logan
Director of Logistics, DRG

Setting up in 24 hours with live ETA

DRG promises that it will set up its base camps within 24 hours. But the job is difficult even in ideal situations. They have to accommodate anywhere from 500 to 1,000 employees, they have to include sleeping accommodations, kitchens, mobile bathrooms, and more. Natural disasters make the process exponentially more difficult.

“In order to help utilities restore power as quickly and safely as possible, we need to expedite set up,” Bill says. “But after a storm, you never know what your base camp site will be like. Things often change, whether there’s a wrecked boat or trees down or other debris.”

In the chaos of natural disasters, live ETA helps make 24 hour setup possible. DRG’s on-site staff uses their live ETA links to see exactly when each asset is scheduled to arrive, so they can decide what needs to be cleared first, where assets should be placed, and what order jobs should be done in.

Live ETA shows our on-site staff when assets will arrive. It provides the information they need to have sites cleared before those assets show up, so employees know exactly what their priorities should be, not only right now, but also in the future.Bill Logan
Director of Logistics, DRG

100% accurate invoices

In order to send clients invoices, DRG needed to know how many miles its vehicles traveled. But in natural disasters, roads are closed and traffic patterns are unpredictable. Those impediments made their invoicing process messy.

“During a normal job, assets go from point A to point B,” said Bill. “In disasters, assets might go from point A to point D, then back to point C and finally wind up at point B. There may be a bridge out. Roads might be flooded. It can be very difficult to let clients know how far our assets traveled.”

FleetUp’s automated reports gave DRG’s back office the data they needed. Just by clicking a button, management could see the specific routes that assets took to get to base camps. Accountants could download spreadsheets that showed the exact distance each asset traveled. “There are a couple different ways FleetUp tracks assets,” said Bill. “We can see a broad tracing path or a more detailed route. We can see miles from start location to end location, we can see see timestamps, and more.”

Tracking reports show when assets diverted and the routes they diverted onto. Now, we can provide that information to our customers. It’s very, very helpful.Bill Logan
Director of Logistics, DRG

Easy onboarding and responsive customer support

When DRG was looking for GPS providers, it was working with a complex short-term business plan. Of the 126 assets they needed to monitor, many were mobile sleepers that they were testing out with a short-term lease. They needed a tracker that they could install and test quickly – and they wanted a contract that wouldn’t come back to bite them if they decided to drop their leased assets.

“Every other telematics provider wanted us to sign a 2 to 3-year contract,” said Bill. DRG wasn’t sure if their mobile sleeper test would work, so signing a contract of that length wasn’t an option. They worked with FleetUp’s sales team to draft a contract that matched their needs.

Once the contract was signed, DRG wanted to track their assets immediately. No other devices were as easy to install as FleetUp’s. “It’s so small you can install it just about anywhere,” Bill said. “Our guys were able to hardwire install the devices in 5 to 10 minutes.”

Even after contracts were signed and installation was finished, Bill was impressed by FleetUp’s customer support. “When you’re dealing with products like these, customer service is very, very important,” said Bill. “That’s especially true during the first couple of months.” Every time DRG reached out via email or text, FleetUp responded within 30 minutes.

“I’d recommend FleetUp to any colleague,” said Bill. “It’s a good product. And FleetUp customer support has been very responsive to all of our requests.”

FleetUp’s customer service is top notch. Their devices are high-quality, have very long battery life, and are as easy to install as 1, 2, 3.Bill Logan
Director of Logistics, DRG

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