In 2017, Toshiba was preparing to comply with the ELD mandate – but no ELD suppliers could guarantee fleet-wide installation before the mandate’s December deadline.

Toshiba isn’t a company that struggles to adapt to new technology. For over 140 years, since their founding in Edo period Japan, they’ve defined tech’s cutting edge. That’s why Steve Tungate, Toshiba’s Vice President and General Manager of Service, was surprised that ELD suppliers needed so much time to install their own products.

“Six months before the deadline, I became a very popular guy,” Steve said. ELD suppliers inundated him with calls. He wanted a product that was, “easy to install, easy to use, and easy to monitor.” Only one supplier had that product and guaranteed on-time installation – FleetUp.

FleetUp promised ease-of-use and fast installation, then delivered a lot more.

Many of Steve’s drivers were upset about the mandate. They thought ELDs would be high-tech “Big Brothers” always looking over their shoulder. FleetUp put those drivers at ease. It sent instructors to help install the devices and participate in webinars explaining the system. By the time the ELDs were active, drivers were happy to use them.

Steve was thrilled with the possibilities of FleetUp’s all-in-one solution. Although he had originally only hoped to avoid fines with a preventative solution, he had found a facilitative solution that promoted cost savings, driver safety, and engine efficiency. Like Toshiba’s founder Tanaka Hisashige, who built telegraph equipment that revolutionized communication in 19th century Tokyo, FleetUp’s technology helped fleets communicate more efficiently and effectively.

By keeping management informed in real time, the entire team works faster and more efficiently. Geofences make the process even easier. Bill says, “I like the map, but I can’t sit by the computer all day to see exactly when assets enter and exit base camps. I have other responsibilities.” Instead, he creates geofences around base camps and sets up automated alerts that go straight to his email. “When I receive alerts, I always know when every trailer arrives and leaves.”

“We like FleetUp because we get to see everything. We see assets that are not utilized potentially as much as they should be and we see assets that are being well-used to help us in our overall fleet management processes.”Steve Tungate
Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice-President & General Manager Service, Supply Chain and Innovation

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