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Ana Yates, the CEO of Y Not Trucking, had a lot of trust in her drivers. Her staff were long-time industry professionals who did their jobs quickly, safely, and well.

But Ana’s brokers wanted more than trust. She never knew when they might call. Sometimes, it was when she was away from her office and couldn’t quickly contact her drivers. Other times, it was when her drivers weren’t picking up their phones and couldn’t give her the information brokers wanted.

“It’s crucial to maintain good relationships with brokers,” Ana said. “The better you take care of them, the better they take care of you. It was difficult to respond to brokers quickly. If a broker called me when I was on the road, I would have to pull over and open my laptop. It was difficult and irritating.”

That’s why Ana started looking for a way to instantly access the location of her trucks, anytime, anywhere. When she found FleetUp, she knew she had what she needed.

Simple tracking

The first thing Ana noticed was the simplicity of FleetUp’s tracking hardware. All she had to do was give it to a driver or throw it in a truck’s glove compartment and it was good to go.

Other telematics providers required hardware that needed to be installed by a mechanic. That process was timely, expensive, and – if done wrong – could potentially damage her trucks.

Even worse were smartphone telematics providers. While their tracking could be downloaded onto smartphones, many tech-phobic drivers didn’t want to learn to use their interfaces. And because they were apps, they didn’t actually track trucks – they only tracked phones. If a driver parked and left his truck, the GPS location the “tracker” provided was completely inaccurate.

I love that the tracking device is so simple. I don’t have to unplug anything, take my dashboard apart, or wire anything together. All I have to do is give this little box to my drivers and tell them, “Put it anywhere you want.”Ana M Yates
CEO, Y Not Trucking

Instant visibility

FleetUp gave Ana two kinds of instant visibility. First, the truck locations it revealed were instant – with 10-second GPS updates, FleetUp always showed Ana the real-time location of every asset in her fleet. Second, Ana’s telematics access was instant – whether she was at the office, on the go, or at home, all she had to do was pull out her cell phone to locate any asset.

This helped Ana give brokers the accurate information they wanted. Because they knew she had such a firm grip on her business, they gave her more contracts and trusted her with more loads.

“If a broker calls me when I’m extremely busy, I might not have my laptop, my driver might not pick up their phone, and I won’t be able to locate their truck,” said Ana. “That broker will think, ‘You’re the owner of this company and you don’t even know where your drivers are at.’ That’s why I like FleetUp. It puts my entire operation in my hand. I can quickly pinpoint any truck. I don’t waste my brokers’ time and they don’t waste my time. I definitely recommend FleetUp. Thumbs up for FleetUp!”

“Before I had FleetUp, it was difficult to respond to brokers quickly,” said Ana. “With FleetUp, all I have to do is take out my phone. I can quickly tell brokers, ‘He got lost, but he’s on this street now and he’s only two minutes away.’ I absolutely love it.Ana M Yates
CEO, Y Not Trucking

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