The top 5 benefits of FleetUp’s trailer, reefer, and container tracker

Logistics and transportation professionals need tracking devices that are easy to switch between assets. They want to be sure shipments don’t open until they arrive at their destinations. And they don’t want to waste time charging and recharging devices.

There’s only one asset and container tracker that supports quick installation, advanced anti-theft features, and unbeatable battery life – FleetUp’s. These are its top five benefits:

1. Fast and fool-proof installation

Trailer and container trackers tend to have one of two problems: they’re either flimsy or difficult to install.

Flimsy trackers are attached to assets with tape and small screws. Unstable and awkward, they’re as likely to fall off as they are to prevent theft. Difficult-to-install trackers demand complicated attachments and setups. These devices slow processes and prevent shipments from quickly moving to their destinations.

FleetUp’s asset tracker is incredibly easy to securely install. It doesn’t require screws, drills, or any other equipment. Its magnetic back automatically connects to any trailer or chassis. Its SmartLock connects to assets as intuitively as your combination lock connected to your high school locker.

Once the FleetUp asset tracker is installed, even the world’s bumpiest road won’t shake it off. And to make it even more secure, its anti-theft features are second-to-none.

2. Anti-theft text and email alerts

Any trailer, reefer, or container is a target for thieves and smugglers. But in order to steal goods – or to sneak contraband into containers – criminals have to get through the door.
The only asset tracker that notifies you the moment a door opens is FleetUp’s. Criminals have to cut or unlock the FleetUp SmartLock if they want to open trailer or container doors. When they do this – even if they’re collaborating with an employee who has a key – a real-time text or email alert will be sent to your administrative team.
Customers concerned with smuggling, international terrorism, and high-value theft have used FleetUp tracking devices to rapidly respond to suspicious incidents. When countering criminal activity, every second counts. Fight back immediately with FleetUp.

3. Remotely lock and unlock container doors

The FleetUp SmartLock can only be unlocked with a keycard. What happens if there’s a worst-case scenario and an employee can’t find the keycard? In the logistics and transportation industries, no one has time to wait for mistakes to fix themselves.

That’s why the SmartLock can be accessed remotely, via the FleetUp telematics platform. If an asset’s doors need to be locked before being put on a truck or ship, an employee who can’t find their key can get the job done by contacting their company’s telematics administrator.

In the case of especially valuable shipments, some FleetUp customers don’t give the key to on-the-ground employees. To guard against any type of theft, they only give one trusted home office administrator the ability to remotely unlock the container. No matter where the shipment travels, that administrator monitors its security and assures its doors are never unlocked in the wrong place or by the wrong people.

4. 90-day battery life

Most asset trackers force users to make an unpleasant choice. Either:

  1. Device batteries last for months, but they only update their GPS location and data once every hour.
  2. Devices update GPS location and data in real time, but device batteries die within days.

An asset tracker that only updates once an hour is useless at preventing theft. By the time managers are informed that their asset is missing, it could be anywhere within a 60-mile radius. An asset tracker that needs to be recharged every 2 to 3 days is less useless and much more difficult to manage. Managers lose time retrieving and recharging devices, hours that would otherwise be spent doing more valuable work.

FleetUp’s asset tracker doesn’t force users to make this choice. It updates GPS location and data every 10 seconds – and its battery lasts for at least 90 days.

5. Solar chargers increase battery life exponentially

The only thing better than 90-day battery life is infinite battery life. FleetUp Solar Chargers are as close to infinite as technology currently gets.

When solar chargers are exposed to ideal sunlight, battery life is extended exponentially. As long as devices are regularly in the sun, their power won’t deplete. For managers who don’t want to waste time dealing with battery issues, they’re a game-changing innovation.

No matter how far containers travel, FleetUp’s solar-powered asset trackers keep them monitored. They’re the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive tracking solution.


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