Automate shipping with EasyCargo and FleetUp

By combining EasyCargo’s loading software with FleetUp’s telematics software, freight companies can ship more goods, faster, using fewer resources. Here’s how you can use two of the most innovative products in the industry to automate your company’s shipping processes:
Imagine you have three trucks worth of goods in your warehouse. You just learned these goods need to be shipped immediately. If they don’t reach their destinations by the end of the day, your business will lose the trust of a valuable client.
You have to find available trucks and drivers, load three trailers, and find the most efficient routes. You’re already running out of time. What do you do? You let FleetUp and EasyCargo automate the process.

1. Find available trucks, trailers, and drivers

If you run a busy operation with multiple lots, it can be difficult to know what’s available and where it is. But with FleetUp’s Advanced Map, you can find everything you need in a few quick clicks.

As soon as you’re logged into your FleetUp software, you’ll see the “Utilization” button in the top right corner of the Advanced Map. Click the button to locate the trailers and trucks that are closest to the warehouse where the goods are stored.

Next, you’ll need to find drivers who have enough available HOS hours to transport the shipment without breaking FMCSA rules. Click the “Drivers” tab and every drivers’ current HOS status will immediately pop up onscreen. Contact the drivers you need and tell them you’ve got an urgent job.

2. Automatically organize cargo

If you’re packing a variety of shipments heading to different destinations, it can take a lot of time and guesswork to figure out how to fit them into trailers efficiently. EasyCargo’s software takes a difficult process and turns it automatic.

All you have to do is open your web browser and log into EasyCargo. Then, enter the size and weight of each piece of cargo. Finally, divide the items into groups based on their destinations. EasyCargo will show you exactly where each piece of cargo should go and how to fully utilize every inch of cargo space. Loading and unloading will be as fast as mathematically possible – plus your operators will receive step-by-step instructions that clearly guide them through the process, from beginning to end.

Now that you’re staffed, loaded, and ready to go, it’s time to hit the road.

3. Automate customer support

Your customer is anxious about the status of their shipments. You know that they’ll inevitably start calling you and demanding to know where your trucks are. Instead of waiting for that call, you set up FleetUp’s live ETA and proof-of-delivery features.

Live ETA emails the customer a link so they can see exactly where their shipments are and when they’re expected to reach their destinations. Proof of delivery informs customers when those shipments have arrived.

Now, the customer doesn’t have to call you – whenever they want to check their shipment’s status, they simply click the link you sent. They’re anxiety has been calmed and your deliveries are well on their way. With the help of FleetUp and EasyCargo, you made good on an impossible deadline.

Work faster with automation

Freight professionals love old school grit. When so much of the business takes place in garages and behind the wheel, it’s no wonder. The kind of people who enjoy this business like to get their hands dirty.

But times have changed. Businesses that automate their processes are able to do more work in fewer hours. Because automation eliminates so much waste, these businesses can cut prices while boosting profits.

That’s why FleetUp and EasyCargo have joined forces. We want to help our clients squeeze the most profit out of every shipment they deliver. See what automation can do for your bottom line.


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