How to ease your fleet through supply chain bottlenecks

Global supply chain crisis

Supply chain bottlenecks are causing chaos for fleets. Ports are backed up. Containers and trailers are in short supply. Clients are frustrated. Thieves are on the prowl. Drivers are stressed. Your back office is strained.

Fleets cannot solve the global supply chain crisis, obviously. But they can choose how to weather the storm. Fleets with AI-integrated visibility will exit the bottleneck with less stress, less waste, and fewer angry customers.

How to ease the bottleneck: Asset tracking

Container and trailer wait times are one of the biggest issues facing the trucking industry today. Bottlenecks hold your business captive. This puts everyone on edge – from your fleet operations to your client. Will you leave your clients in the dark? Or will you have answers? FleetUp’s software and asset trackers lets everyone know where all of your assets are – in real time, on one screen.

•  Live GPS tracking

FleetUp has asset trackers that update every 10 seconds. Other asset trackers don’t update as frequently, or they do so at the expense of battery life. Our asset trackers can also be magnetically mounted. Other asset trackers need to be screwed in —an inconvenience that inevitably results in delayed installation, botched installation, or both.


The 4CJ is designed to give you complete visibility in any weather conditions.

  • Unlimited battery life with hardwired or solar powered option
  • Ruggedized, weatherproof asset tracker (IP67 certified)
  • Ideal for large assets (trailers, containers)
  • Portable and discreet
  • Ideal for large assets (trailers, containers)
  • 30+ day battery life with 2.5-year long standby time


The 5TA is designed to pinpoint your most valuable assets in real time.

  • Motion-triggered wakeup
  • GPS + LBS + WiFi Triple positioning
  • Strong magnetic mounting

When refrigerated assets get caught in a bottleneck, your clients start asking questions about quality. How is the cargo? Has it spoiled? Has the temperature fluctuated? With FleetUp’s temperature sensors, you’ll have access to data that will keep everyone cool.

How to ease the bottleneck: Geofencing

Geofencing allows your fleets to set virtual boundaries – all on one screen. This is an incredibly useful tool during any crisis.

•  Geofences keep your operations optimized

During a supply chain slowdown, significant hurdles arise at significant points. Namely, unloading and returning containers – and moving trucks from the port to the road. FleetUp’s geofencing allows you to monitor exactly how long it takes for your fleet to move from the port to the road, and the containers from unload to return. This will give you critical insight on the size of the bottleneck so you can plan ahead.

•  Geofences stop thieves in their tracks

The risk of theft becomes higher in bottlenecks. Workers grow overwhelmed, giving thieves the opportunity to make the most of the chaos. The price of goods, and thus the payoff for thieves, shoots higher. Your vehicles become prime targets. How can geofencing save your vehicles?As soon as your vehicle leaves a geofence, you’ll be alerted. You can then deploy remote engine shutoff – stopping thieves right in their tracks. And with our AI dashcam, you’ll grab useful footage on the thief if they manage to get away.

How to ease the bottleneck: Automation

Asset tracking and geofencing are great, but who is going to manage all the data? Who is going to communicate the data with customers? Without automation, this becomes a critical back office task. In regular times, managing this data is difficult. In a supply chain crisis, you don’t have the resources. With automation, the busy work is removed – so you can attack more important jobs. And FleetUp is the only all-in-one platform that provides the 4 pillars of fleet automation.

FleetUp eases you through the bottleneck

Supply chain bottlenecks are tough. But FleetUp can make it easier. From geofences, to asset tracking, to the 4 pillars of automation, FleetUp helps your team, your customers, and your customers’ customers ease through the bottleneck. All on one platform.

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