A powerful new technology gives fleets faster access to their most important dashcam videos

FleetUp has introduced a major breakthrough in the transportation industry. FleetUp’s annotation labeling addresses a major drawback with the traditional dashcam – that it records far more footage than any fleet can comb through. Sorting dashcam videos consumes countless hours of manpower that fleets don’t have.

Annotation labeling slashes through all of the recordings that fleets don’t need to review and highlights fleets’ most important footage. It optimizes video analysis, helping fleets efficiently manage risk, coach drivers, and reduce everything from accidents to insurance costs to vehicle wear and tear.

Annotation labeling sorts dashcam footage into four categories: High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk, and False Events. Users can also search videos by vehicle type, event type, risk type, and more.

Annotation labeling goes beyond the current industry standard, AI flagging. Annotation labeling separates high-risk from low-risk events. For example, it labels a driver going over a speed bump “low risk” and a driver jumping over a curb “high risk.” It provides fast access to the footage fleets absolutely need to review. Other flagging technologies can’t do this with the same degree of accuracy.

According to FleetUp CEO Ezra Kwak, “Without annotation labeling, it’s difficult if not impossible to identify the specific footage needed to pinpoint drivers’ worst mistakes. With annotation labeling, fleets have their most important footage at their fingertips.” Managers can use the annotated footage to see what mistakes their drivers are making – as well as why and when they’re making those mistakes. Then, they can use that footage to coach drivers, showing individual employees the bad choices they made and giving them the information they need to make better choices.

The user experience is simple. Managers simply visit their FleetUp platform and sort dashcam footage by risk level. They also have the option to search videos by vehicle type, event type, and more. It’s a powerful way to manage the safety and liability risks that all fleets face. Managers won’t have to waste time reviewing videos of truckers safely braking, looking at their phone while they’re still in park, hitting speed bumps etc.

Annotation labeling includes a number of additional features that simplify fleet management. Users can send specific videos directly to their drivers, showing them the exact behavior they shouldn’t repeat. Customizable graphs show the types of risky driving events that are most often putting users’ fleets at risk.

Dashcams have always been a valuable tool. But their full potential hasn’t been unlocked until now. FleetUp’s annotation labeling will help managers reduce accidents and all the costs that accidents entail.

To learn more about FleetUp’s dashcam annotation labeling, visit www.fleetup.com.

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