FleetUp’s AI Dashcam Sets New Standard for Fleet Safety

The FleetUp AI Dashcam Automates Road Incident Documentation: The New Standalone Device Transforms the Future of Fleet Safety

FleetUp announced the release of a new and improved dual facing AI dashcam that enhances users’ fleet managers visibility of driver behavior and hazardous road conditions. The AI Dashcam is simple to install and seamlessly integrates into fleet operations, improving driver safety and training.

Increasingly dangerous roads are impacting both regular commuters and professional fleets. Although studies showed traffic falling by as much as 50% during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that the number of people killed on highways rose by 4.6% during the first 9 months of 2020. Overall, 2020 had the highest number of traffic deaths in 13 years.

Clearly, less traffic doesn’t mean safer traffic. Whether roads are full or empty, fleets need to make sure that their drivers are in control. 

Ezra Kwak, the founder and CEO of FleetUp, has been thinking about this problem for a long time. He says, “Fleet owners and fleet managers want to know exactly how their business is operating. We built the FleetUp AI Dashcam to complement our suite of business visibility and driver safety tools.”

FleetUp’s dashcam gives fleet managers the power to ensure that their drivers are safe at any time. With a simple click of the dashcam icon, managers can see real-time conditions on the road and in the cabin, effectively putting them in the driver’s seat.

The FleetUp AI Dashcam doesn’t just make checking on drivers easier – it also automates the process, recording and documenting every potential safety incident.

It does this in three ways: first, by using its AI to identify drivers who are tired or distracted. It captures incidents of risky driving and uploads the footage to the FleetUp Cloud. Managers can see which of their drivers are at risk and take steps to ensure that those drivers stay alert and focused.

Second, the dashcam’s AI voice assistant looks for unsafe driving. When it recognizes signs of reckless driving including tiredness, distraction, or phone usage, it tells drivers to take corrective action.

Third, when a vehicle gets into an accident or risks a collision, FleetUp’s new dashcam automatically sends recordings of the incidents to the FleetUp cloud. The footage is stored so that it can be reviewed by the appropriate parties. In the case of a driver who is recklessly accelerating and braking, the fleet’s safety manager can use the footage to discuss safety habits with the driver. Alternatively, if a passenger car cuts off a truck and causes an accident, that recording can be used to prove that the truck driver wasn’t at fault.

In addition to lowering accident risk and improving driver safety, FleetUp’s dashcam can significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs as well as reduce insurance premiums.

The FleetUp AI Dashcam is the newest addition to FleetUp’s comprehensive fleet safety and visibility solutions. As more fleets install dashcams in their vehicles, America’s streets will become safer for professional truckers, weekday commuters, and everyone who shares our roads.

To learn more about FleetUp’s new AI dashcam visit, fleetup.com/products/ai-dashcam.  

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