FleetUp continues to make significant improvements to its AI dashcam

FleetUp helps companies see the impact of their coaching efforts on driver safety.

FleetUp continues to develop cutting-edge solutions to help prevent accidents, improve safety, and change risky driving behavior. The cost of a single accident on a commercial fleet can be immense. The direct and indirect costs of a vehicle accident can be millions of dollars according to the FMCSA.

Artificial Intelligent (AI) dashcams play an important role in helping companies gain greater visibility over their commercial fleet. They can record both the road and the driver, and alert managers of any risky or distracted driving behaviors.

However, current AI dashcams have a few major drawbacks. They typically record far more footage than any fleet manager can comb through; they do not provide trends or analysis of the risk factors, nor do they make it easy to coach their staff or show how coaching has improved their results. While alerting drivers of risky driving behaviors or dangers as they happen is very important, companies need help in changing driving behavior over time. That change comes with coaching.

FleetUp has taken a unique approach to address this issue. Not only does the FleetUp AI Dashcam automatically record various driving events, it also analyzes those events and categorizes them by risk level. It provides analysis for fleet managers so that they can see trends and risk factors through customizable graphs.
When a fleet manager reviews an important or high-risk video, they can send the footage along with feedback to the drivers, staff, or other appropriate stakeholders with a simple mouse click.
Managers can see the impact of their coaching efforts. Every time a driver or staff is coached, FleetUp records that action so that managers can analyze what impact that coaching has had. Managers can graphically see how many times they have coached drivers relative to the unsafe driving and driver events. That way managers can compare the progress they have made over time.

“We are always looking for meaningful ways to simplify and automate processes for fleet managers and fleet owners. Now customers can monitor trends and see how coaching helps reduce unsafe driving events”, said Ezra Kwak, CEO of FleetUp.

FleetUp AI Dashcam is more than just a camera. It’s a world-class safety tool that can help companies increase safety and optimize their fleet operations. The FleetUp AI Dashcam can be subscribed as a standalone solution to provide visibility and real time location tracking or part of FleetUp’s comprehensive fleet management solution to manage optimal fleet performance, health, safety and productivity.

If you want to learn more about how FleetUp can help you prevent accidents, improve safety, and change risky driving behavior, please visit fleetup.com

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