FleetUp and ProMiles’ Integrated Solution Delivers Automated Fuel Tax Reporting

FleetUp and ProMiles’ Integrated Solution Shows How Mobility Technology Can Deliver an Increasingly Important Service – Simplicity

FleetUp and ProMiles, two of the mobility industry’s automation leaders, build technologies to do tasks that help businesses’ save time and money. The partnership between these two industry leaders is another major step in helping customers improve operational efficiencies. 

Together, the two companies are automating every step of fuel tax reporting and IFTA compliance – from data collection to tax filing. Drivers won’t have to count miles or gather receipts, back office staff won’t have to fill out mountains of forms, and the C-Suite won’t have to worry about being hit with unexpected IFTA penalties. Customers who use FleetUp and ProMiles’ integrated solution will get back extra hours to their workday and eliminate all-too-common human errors.

Accurate and timely fuel tax reporting and filing of fleet activity between jurisdictions is an overwhelmingly complex process. The process involves everyone from drivers to fleet owners to accountants. It’s no wonder that so many well-intentioned organizations end up filing inaccurate IFTA data and putting their organizations at risk for audits. In 2018, more than three out of four businesses that underwent IFTA audits were hit with penalties and fines.

Unfortunately, overwhelming complexity is a challenge in adopting various solutions. Many transformative technologies require countless hours to install and train due to the steep learning curve, bringing operations to a halt while the new tool is being implemented. 

FleetUp’s location data directly integrates into ProMiles’ platform, allowing FleetUp users to automate fuel tax reporting and meet IFTA compliance efficiently. Information is collected without the need for paper trip sheets or manual entry.

“We strive to provide our customers with products and services that improve their operations and make their processes faster and easier,” said Ezra Kwak, CEO of FleetUp.  

“Providing a seamless, quality customer experience is incredibly important. We understand that ensuring customers have the right tools and resources is crucial to making that happen. Partnering with FleetUp and seamlessly incorporating their real time fleet location and trip routes help reduce the complexity of fuel tax reporting,” said Glenn Williams, Executive Vice President, Product & Partner Relations.

As the number of tools continues to grow, simplicity will be an increasingly scarce resource. That’s why solutions that reduce complexity – like ProMiles and FleetUp’s automated IFTA reports – are quickly becoming must-buys.

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