A Day in the Life with FleetUp: Managing and Monitoring Field Technicians

You’ve bought your new FMS. Your personal Customer Support representative has shown you how to use all of its features. Now that you’ve mastered the platform, this is what an average day of managing and monitoring field technicians looks like:

7:30 am

You’re still home, preparing to head to the office. You make a cup of coffee, head to the breakfast table, and check your email. You see an urgent request from a long-time customer. They need a field technician ASAP.

You check the FleetUp Performance Platform’s Workforce Management tab, where you review the schedule of every technician in your operation.

Because all of your records are centralized here, you don’t only see the jobs you’ve assigned – you also see what work your colleagues have given to your company’s field technicians.

You find a technician who has an hour-long break at 10 am. You assign the customer’s ASAP request to her. She’s out on a job, but her phone beeps when the assignment pops up on her FleetUp Mobile App. She has a quick question – it’s a new job, she wants to make sure she understands what she’s supposed to do. Without leaving FleetUp Mobile, she uses the app’s chat tool to send you a message. As you finish your coffee, you send her an answer. It’s time to head to the office.

11:15 am


Your phone rings. It’s an unhappy customer. Their appointment window was from 9 to 11 – and the field technician still hasn’t arrived.

As the customer explains their problem, you click the tab where you always keep your Performance Platform open. Checking the map, you instantly see the problem. The technician is stuck in a busy part of town.

By the time the customer is done talking, you have an answer. Their technician is running late because of traffic, but he’ll arrive at their doorstep in five minutes. You put down the phone knowing that, while the customer is disappointed by the delay, the information you gave them is 100% accurate and their service will be completed shortly.

2:00 pm


Another phone call from another upset customer. They say their technician never showed up for their scheduled appointment. You vow to get to the bottom of it.

Using FleetUp Mobile’s chat tool, you reach out to the driver and ask what went wrong. They tell you that they were at the customer’s address at the appointed time – but when they knocked on the door, no one answered.

You click your Performance Platform’s Trip History tab. Quickly locating the technician’s data, you check where they were during the appointment window. You see that their vehicle was parked directly outside the customer’s address at the correct time and that the technician stayed there for ten minutes. Now, you’ve identified the problem. You can back up an honest employee – he didn’t ditch the appointment, it’s the customer who wasn’t there when they said they would be.

4:30 pm

You get a call from your daughter. Her friend’s dad was supposed to pick them up after soccer practice, but he has an emergency meeting and won’t be able to make it. Can you swing by and get them?

You’ve finished everything that absolutely needs to get done today. The only problem is that one of your organization’s most valuable assets is on the road – and you want to be 100% sure that it makes it back to the lot by end-of-day. That won’t happen until 6 at the earliest.

You use your Performance Platform to quickly draw a Dynamic Geofence around the lot, then assign the asset to the geofence and create an alert. When it comes back, you’ll receive an automated text.

Heading out of the office to pick up your daughter and her friends, you wave goodbye to your co-workers.

7:00 pm

As your daughter helps you prepare dinner, your phone buzzes. You quickly check and see a text – your Performance Platform was triggered when the valuable asset’s GPS location crossed into your geofence. Now, you know it’s safe in the lot. Before you sit down to eat, you send a quick chat to the asset’s operator, making sure they locked up. They send a chat back, confirming they did. Your work done, you relax and settle in for the night.

Everything Is Easier with Automation

These aren’t the only ways FleetUp’s FMS will make your day-to-day easier. From scheduling maintenance to preventing engine failure to identifying reckless drivers, our platform automatically collects, analyzes, and reports on a wide swath of data. Want to see how it’s done?

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