3 questions to ask when buying asset management software

With cargo theft and smuggling on the rise, asset management and tracking are essential for protecting your assets. Padlocks and manual asset tracking aren’t sufficient to safeguard your containers and the valuable goods inside them. With asset management software, you can maintain better control and oversight over your non-vehicle assets.

Asset management software helps you track and manage high-value assets like shipping containers and trailers, protecting them from theft and ensuring they’re where they need to be all the time. However, not all software solutions are created equally.

In this article, we’ll cover what asset management software is and share three essential questions to ask when you’re searching for asset management software for your company.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management is a somewhat nebulous term that’s used in several industries, including finance and commercial development. In the transportation and distribution industries, this term has a specific meaning:

Asset management refers to tracking and managing non-vehicle assets like chassis, trailers, shipping containers, equipment, and other assets.

Asset management software, sometimes referred to as GPS asset tracking, is a software solution that makes monitoring these assets simple, automatic, and effective. Generally, an asset tracking device (or asset tracker) is affixed to the asset and connects with the asset tracking software program to provide real-time location  information.

If you’re in the market for asset management software, it’s important to understand your options and the available capabilities of the solutions on the market. We’ve identified three quick questions you can ask to help you find an option that keeps your assets secure.

Buying Asset Management Software: 3 Questions to Ask

Before purchasing asset management software, ask vendors these three questions:

1. How Often Is the Location Data Updated?

Some asset management software solutions update the location of the asset just once a day or every couple of hours. While this is better than not tracking at all, frequent updates will make a significant difference to help you identify inefficiencies and constantly improve processes. Getting real-time updates allows you to know where your assets are at all times – so that you can see which ones are being fully utilized and which are not. With accurate delivery times and live ETA or arrival notifications, you can keep your asset schedule up-to-date and easily allocate available assets.  

When transporting perishable cargo or items that are sensitive to humidity, look for a solution that enables you to monitor the temperature and humidity at all times to prevent spoilage and cargo damage. Be sure to ask about battery life, too – long-lasting or rechargeable solar batteries will help ensure you never lose track of assets because of a dead battery. 

2. Does Your Asset Management Software Protect Against Theft?

Many asset management software solutions simply track where an asset is located at a given moment. While tracking is an important part of the equation, tracking alone isn’t very helpful in preventing theft or smuggling. To truly protect your assets, make sure the software solution and asset trackers include features that help prevent theft, like real-time theft alerts.

3. How Easy Is it to Install the Trackers for Your Solution?

Some asset trackers have to be affixed to the asset by drilling into it. This can make installation time-consuming and frustrating as it often requires expert installation. Knowing whether the hardware needs to be installed using power tools or if it can be affixed with adhesive or some other non-destructive method will tell you whether the solution will work for you specific assets. For example, if you have a piece of equipment like a forklift, drilling into it to affix a tracker isn’t a viable option — but affixing a small sensor with adhesive is. 

FleetUp’s Asset Management Software: Tracks, Monitors, and Protects

At FleetUp, we take tracking your valuable assets seriously. With FleetUp, we provide pinpoint tracking with location updates every ten seconds, and real-time alerts in case of a break-in. Plus, we offer the only tracking hardware that doesn’t require expert installation. With no attachments or screws, installation is quick and easy.  

Our unique theft detection device can be unlocked in person with a magnetic card or remotely, so you never have to worry about chasing down someone with a key. If you’re looking for hassle-free asset management software that keeps your most valuable assets secure, you’ve come to the right place.

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