Protect your containers, chassis, and trailers with asset management software

As cargo theft continues to rise, protecting your assets with comprehensive asset management is increasingly important. In this article, we’ll talk about why protecting your non-vehicle assets like containers, chassis, and trailers is more critical today than ever. Then, we’ll share some available tools to help safeguard your assets. 

Cargo and Asset Theft Is on the Rise

Businesses not only have to worry about the location of their trucks, but also the assets they transport. No longer can companies rely solely on tracking a truck’s location and destination. With mounting supply chain problems, congested ports, and an increase in cargo theft, it’s more critical than ever to track your non-vehicle assets like containers and trailers.

How serious is the threat of cargo theft? In the Los Angeles Port alone, approximately 90 cargo containers are burglarized every day. In 2020, companies lost a staggering $68 million to cargo theft. By September 2021, they’d lost $45 million more. Experts predict the accelerated rate of cargo theft will continue through 2022 and beyond.   

It’s not just cargo at the ports that business owners need to consider. Railroads are also under siege. Since December 2020, Union Pacific has reported a shocking 160% increase in theft in the railyards.

Rising cargo theft should be on everyone’s radar. It’s one of the reasons why protecting your assets with a combination of advanced asset management software and hardware has become essential.

Advanced asset management software does more than just track the location of your assets. With comprehensive solutions like FleetUp, you get access to real-time theft alerts, geofencing, and remote locking and unlocking, making it possible to not only track your assets after the fact but keep control of them in real time.

The Need for Better Asset Allocation and Utilization

Asset allocation helps you better understand where everything is to avoid slowdowns, bottlenecks and revenue loss while keeping everyone informed about the location and availability of your assets. 

When supply chain disruptions began in 2020, no one predicted they’d endure for this long. Today, there are no signs of ever returning to pre-2020 shipping norms. As a result, companies must improve their asset utilization strategies and incorporate new technology to ensure they aren’t causing unnecessary hiccups in their own supply chain.

With advanced asset management software, organizations can make sure they know exactly where all their containers and trailers are at any moment and minimize the chances of accidentally losing track of an asset. Location updates every 10 seconds, arrival alerts, and live ETAs give you a birds-eye-view of all your assets.

How FleetUp’s Solutions Help Keep Your Assets Safe

Asset management software helps track your assets no matter where they are. Plus, when you choose an innovative solution like FleetUp, you get even more. Here are some ways our asset management tools and devices can help protect your organization’s assets:

  • Real-Time Theft Alerts – With FleetUp’s advanced asset management software, you get real-time emails or texts the moment the theft detection device is tampered with.
  • Arrival Alerts & Live ETA – Rather than waiting four hours to check if your assets have made it to their location, with FleetUp, you get alerts the second your assets arrive at their intended location – plus live ETAs.
  • Data Updated Every 10 Seconds – Most asset tracking solutions update every two to four hours. With FleetUp, your assets’ location data is updated every ten seconds, so you know where all your assets are at all times.
  • Easy Installation – Many other vendors require your tracking and anti-theft device to be screwed into the asset. As a result, they’re difficult to install and often have restricted battery life. However, our hardware easily attaches to the outside of containers and trailers and offers long-lasting batteries and solar battery options, so you can start tracking your assets quickly and without hassle.
  • Remote Locking and Unlocking – Easily lock and unlock your assets from wherever you are (in addition to magnetic key cards for in-person access).
  • Geofencing – Set up virtual perimeters for your assets and get alerts the moment one moves outside that range.

In a time when theft is rampant and supply chain management is critical, comprehensive asset management software and hardware is one way to keep your company’s physical assets safe. At FleetUp, we provide the most advanced cargo security capabilities, including the best asset tracking devices. Our cargo security solution protects cargo from theft, improves asset operations, and provides real-time control of asset security. 

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