All You Need To Know About Warming Up Your Car

Every winter you hear about people warming up your car before driving when temperatures begin to drop, afraid of stalling their vehicle or damaging their engine. But is that really necessary?

No. At least, not anymore.
Vehicles dating from the 1980s had carburetors that had difficulty functioning if it’s too cold. If you didn’t warm your car up back then, the ratio of gas to air may but too much, or too little, causing the car to stall or begin smoking, which is definitely NOT good.

Fortunately, unless your car is from the 1980s, you no longer need to worry about such tedious task. According to Business Insider, the last carburetor-equipped car sold in the US was the 1990 Subaru Justy. New vehicles have sensors that keep the ratio of fuel and air at the right amount, called the electronic fuel-injection system.

So now, although your car may be covered in ice and chills run down your spine as you sit inside your vehicle, “warming up” your car is no longer a necessity. In fact, letting your car idle in the driveway is both bad for those around you (due to CO2 emissions) and your fuel efficiency!

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