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FleetUp continues to deliver new innovations to our customers!  

FleetUp recently introduced annotation labeling to the FleetUp AI Dashcam.  A few product highlights include:

Annotation labeling helps customers easily review only the most important videos by sorting dashcam footage into categories.

Annotation labeling sorts dashcam footage into five categories: Critical. High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk, and False Events.

Users can also search videos by vehicle type, event type, risk type, and more.

A centralized Dashcam tab allows users to manage, filter and report all the videos.

A word from Customer Success

During these summer months, FleetUp has been busy onboarding a record-breaking number of customers! Our onboarding team is ready to help get all of our new customers up and running. Learn more about the product features by contacting customersuccess@fleetup.com

Samantha Guittard
Onboarding specialist, FleetUp

In salute to 2022 Independence Day, FleetUp celebrates our customers and their fleet operations that keep our nation’s infrastructure and transportation system running smoothly. FleetUp customers in many state and county government organizations use FleetUp to move goods securely and efficiently, all the while keeping both citizens and drivers safe.

At your service

During the last several months, FleetUp Service and Support helped xx fleets (or yy customers) better track their vehicles, assets and freight  by upgrading to 4G coverage. Our customers can count on state of the art communications protocols to track the whereabouts and movement of each fleet asset.

Meet Rony, our seasoned shipping manager ! He works tirelessly moving inventory through the loading docks to make sure products get to each and every one of you.

FleetUp facts

Did you know FleetUp holds several patents?

Did you know FleetUp holds several patents? FleetUp holds three fuel management patents. FleetUp’s innovative fleet fuel management system translates directly into fleet fuel efficiency for our customers.