Optimize fleet productivity

Do more jobs with a leaner, more efficient operation

Boost fleet productivity with comprehensive automation and monitoring

In the fleet business, margins can be vanishingly thin. That’s why software that gives fleets the power to do a higher number of jobs faster and more efficiently can have such a huge impact. Increase profits with a comprehensive fleet management platform.

FleetUp allows you to track the productivity of every team member, asset, and work site. Real-time monitoring gives users a bird’s eye view of their operation at every moment, while detailed data helps users solve specific problems quickly. Increase driver efficiency, optimize the use of every asset, and cut waste with FleetUp.

Enhance fleet productivity. Do more work with fewer resources

Fleet productivity technology takes jobs off your plate. It tracks, monitors, and manages assets for you. When you automate your fleet, you cut costs while becoming faster and more productive.

Put your fleet on an all-in-one platform

Connecting to FleetUp puts all your assets on the same platform. Problem-solve instantaneously by finding GPS location, driver HOS status, engine condition, and more on a single-screen map.

Manage vehicles, drivers, assets, equipment, and shipments

FleetUp is the only platform that offers universal tracking, monitoring and managing everything from job sites to loading docks to shipments and more.

Streamline operations with fleet AI

Keep workflow running smoothly by farming out tasks to FleetUp AI. It watches your operations for you. The moment intervention is necessary, it alerts your team and suggests problem-solving strategies.

Benefits and Features

Maximized productivity

FleetUp’s telematics platform monitors and interprets data, revealing strategies to cut waste and increase profits.

Continuous updates

Every 10 seconds, FleetUp’s cloud telematics checks the status of every asset in your organization. Stay informed in real time.

Advanced Map interface

See every asset’s location. Access real-time data. Communicate with staff. Share information with partners. Do it all on your GPS fleet tracking software.

Personalized asset tracking alerts

Receive real-time text and email alerts. Create alerts for every team member: Engine alerts for mechanics, theft alerts for security, and more.

Virtual workspace

Whether you’re working from home or talking to a driver on the other side of the country, everyone shares the same online workspace.

End-to-end management

From the minute your first employee clocks in to the second your last engine is turned off, telematics connects every aspect of organizational management.

Take a peek under the hood

Become a seer of all things happening with your fleet. Request a personalized quote of our fleet management software platform with a team member and we’ll show you how it works.

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